Garage Organization Ideas

Organizing all of your outdoor entertaining gear can be a challenge. Try these smart ideas for storing outdoor equipment in your garage or shed, and let the good times roll.

Carting Along

If you spend a lot of time grilling and entertaining outdoors, creating a one-stop party supply stop in your garage will make hosting even easier. This setup, which features a tool cart and pegboard, is designed to fit into a garage without taking up valuable storage space.

Hooked on Storage

Metal hooks hung from the side of the cart can be used to store an array of entertaining necessities, from grilling tongs and grill brushes to a small broom and dustpan. The hooks ensure necessary items are always within easy reach, and they can be picked up and moved as needed.

Store-It-All Space

The cart’s lower shelf is perfect for storing bulky items such as glass bottles and an ice bucket. The drawer of the cart can be used to store smaller items, such as outdoor table linens and decor. Since the cart is mobile, wheeling it to and from the garage and the entertaining space is quick and easy.

Boarded Up

Pegboard isn’t just for hammers and screwdrivers. Outfitted with a combination of hooks and baskets, it can store all of your outdoor party essentials. You can purchase baskets made specifically for pegboard, but any wire, open-weave, or handled basket works—as long as you can hang it on a hook. To hang oversize candle lanterns, use two-prong straight hooks that are slightly longer than the depth of one lantern.

On a Wire

A pegboard outfitted with hooks and shelving is the perfect store-it-all garage solution. This one boasts a combination of wicker and wire baskets to create a functional and stylish display. Hung alongside the oversize candle lanterns, this basket is the perfect spot to house refill candles within easy reach.

Outdoor Eatery

A pegboard shelf goes up in seconds to provide a convenient storage spot for items that can’t be hung. China storage bags and lidded bins keep picnic plates, tumblers, and utensils dust-free and out of your kitchen cabinets. Hang outdoor placemats from binder clips behind the shelf.

Basket Case

Tiny woven baskets hung along one side of the pegboard provide the perfect spot to stow away tiny items such as clothespins, matchsticks, and a candle extinguisher. The baskets are small and can be easily carried around during any frenzied preparty preparation.

Hang It Up

Tap into the storage potential of your garage or shed walls using heavy-duty hooks. Flexible tubs hung on the wall make great grab-and-go kits of gear-heavy summer activities. Use two-prong hooks and hang them low enough for kids to access. Label the bins so everyone knows where things belong.

Repurposed Storage

Many items stored in the garage are long and awkwardly shaped. But a broom-and-mop rack ensures all of those items stay neat and tidy. Models that allow you to adjust hook and width spacing work best and will come in handy throughout the rest of the year as well. Use the rack to hang outdoor entertaining supplies such as tiki torches and lawn-game gear alongside other garage items.

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