Organized Garage That You Won't Hate Driving Into

Garage storage can be one of those necessary evils, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be evil. With a few of our quick tricks and key storage pieces, you'll soon see that there is untapped storage potential just waiting to be utilized in your garage. Whether you have a small or large garage, it's possible (and easy) to create dual-purpose garage storage solutions that look pretty while containing the clutter. Here are our favorite tips and tricks.  

Maximize Wall Space

Take advantage of your garage walls from floor to ceiling to maximize every inch of possible storage. In the small garages, items like tools, paint, and gardening supplies can be stored on the wall to take up very little space.

Quick Trick: Create narrow shelving with standard 1x6-inch lumber boards to store even more items, like cans of spray paint and other supplies. Painting the shelves and the wall in the same color will help to keep the wall uniform and appear less cluttered.

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Get Creative with Pegboard

Pegboard panels are an easy and inexpensive wall storage solution that can be customized to creatively store almost anything. Customized hooks, storage bins, and special power tool holders that are designed to fit pegboard can be found at big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Pegboard paneling can also be painted to keep the garage looking well-organized and pretty.

Quick Trick: Any storage item (such as wire baskets and hardware bins) that has mounting holes can be used on pegboard by slipping holes onto pegboard hooks.

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Opt for Adjustable Wire Shelving

Another way to take full advantage of excess wall space in a garage is by installing adjustable shelving to create custom storage for just about anything. Shelving systems come in a variety of sizes and widths, making them a great storage option for any size of garage or available space.

Quick Trick: Shelving brackets can also be used without the shelves for holding deep wire baskets and buckets for storing the little stuff.

Pick Mobile Storage

Rolling storage cabinets make it easy to instantly add storage in the garage. These cabinets come in a variety of sizes and widths, including options that fit into narrow and tight areas. The wheels give the option of easily moving around the garage while working on projects. If you ever move to a new house, the cabinets can move right with you.

Quick Trick: The wheels on rolling cabinets can be locked in place and the tops of the cabinets can be used for even more storage.

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Keep It Together

Another quick trick when creating garage storage solutions is to store like items together, which helps to keep the garage looking well-organized. Creating areas around the walls of the garage organized by activity (tools, paint, gardening supplies, etc.) will make it handy when items are needed and when putting items away.

Quick Trick: Place extra buckets and bins on the shelves for tossing and storing the little stuff.

Consider the Kids

Creating a dedicated space in the garage for outdoor equipment, games, and toys is a great way to keep everything together and create an area where kids can find all of their play stuff in one spot. Even better, when it comes to cleanup time, kids know exactly where to put away their items.

Quick Trick: Slip in a deep storage bin near the kids' storage area for keeping larger toys, balls, and equipment. Kids won't be able to resist making a three-point shot at cleanup time.

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Great Garage Ideas

This garage has storage space for everything - from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a cue from its setup for your own garage organization strategy.


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