Garage Decluttering Ideas

Ultimate Garage Organization
The garage is the ultimate catchall for just about anything that doesn't have a home in the house. Use these tips to manage indoor and outdoor gear in your garage.

Behind Closed Doors

For minimal cost, new prefinished kitchen wall cabinets -- more shallow than base units -- from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore provide closed-door storage for aerosols and fertilizers. A laminated shelf from the home center operates as a thrifty countertop alternative. 

Become Wall-Wise

Vertical storage is a lifesaver for hard-to-store items like bikes and sports equipment. A mix-and-match track system with hooks and baskets offers storage with flexibility.

Smartly Zoned

Lift everything off of the floor and out of the way with a wall-mount rack. This little organizer gathers two sets of golf clubs and four pairs of shoes in one accessible location.

Rethink Common Items

A sawed-off shower rod fills the distance between this cabinet and the wall, becoming the ideal place to hang towels and oft-used tools. Plus a step stool can be kept underneath so no space is wasted.

Lifting Priorities

Some of the most common garage items also are the hardest to store. Instead of wasting time trying to find just the right place for the mower or snowblower, take everything else you can off the floor. Look for holders and hangers to get shovels, ladders, cords, and even the wheelbarrow out of your way.

Think Vertically

Put walls to work to clean up garage clutter. Take back unused space and suspend a shelving unit above recycling and garbage cans. Here, customized wire shelves hold overflow items, such as cleaning supplies. A stepladder nearby means nothing is ever out of reach.

Extra, Extra

The garage is a great place to house bulk items. Extra towels perched on adjustable shelves are out of the way, yet easy to access. 

Label, Label, Label

The key to returning things to where they belong is labeling -- not only the containers but also the shelves where they belong. A label tucked in a laminate pocket (from an office supply store) and hung from a carabiner is easy to read and durable enough for the garage.

Protect and Serve

Sturdy metal stationary shelving is a garage staple. This 24-inch-deep version is ideal for holding large plastic bins of holiday decorations. Be sure to label each bin so things don't get lost. Decorative duct tape and a permanent marker do the trick in this garage.

Savvy Sorter

Stow like items together to simplify finding supplies. Use a shower caddy, for example, as a handy grab-and-go holder for all car cleaning supplies. Likewise, use baskets to hold items such as rags, rope, and batteries. Use labeled rubber bins with lids to contain larger objects.

This garage has storage space for everything - from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a cue from its setup for your own garage organization strategy.

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