The 14 Best Garage Storage Systems That Reduce Clutter

Picture yourself pulling into a mess-free garage.

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Garages tend to house a lot more than just cars, bicycles, and tools. Homeowners might use extra garage space for items that aren't ready to be tossed out, seasonal gear, and miscellaneous storage boxes. Unfortunately, these piles usually turn into mazes or straight-up messes. If you can relate, it's time for a garage organization makeover.

First, channel your inner Marie Kondo and go through everything in your garage, then donate, recycle, or throw away any items you no longer use. If you want to keep more than your garage can manage, consider renting a self-storage unit near your home.

Once you remove unnecessary clutter, you're ready to add garage storage solutions. You can choose from a variety of systems, such as shelving units, hangers, custom cabinetry, and overhead storage. Before you decide on the design, consider your budget, garage size, and amount of storage. Plus, you'll want to take note of the types of items you're storing.

For families with multiple bicycles, look for wall racks or overhead storage. Freestanding garage cabinets, like the Husky steel cabinet ($350, The Home Depot) and this one on Amazon ($334), are excellent options for cleaning supplies, tools, and other items that can be grouped together in one convenient location. If your garage doubles as a workspace for projects, a workbench storage system provides ample room for tools, cabinets, and countertop space.

The Best Garage Storage Systems of 2021

You can find a variety of DIY garage storage options on Amazon and at Lowe's that are easy to install and budget-friendly. If you're interested in creating a customized garage storage system, there are plenty of services available. The Home Depot has garage organization experts who design and install systems that suit your needs based on an in-person or virtual consultation. Other companies that specialize in custom storage include Gorgeous Garage and Closets by Design.

Whether you want a quick solution or a made-to-order design, we've highlighted everything you need to know about the best garage storage systems on the market. Keep scrolling to learn more about the different companies and products, and then choose a garage organization system that fits your needs.

Editor's Choice: Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail System

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Courtesy of Lowe's

Rachel Weber, digital deputy editor at Better Homes & Gardens, recommends this garage storage system by Rubbermaid, saying it's "a convenient, affordable product line that's perfect for leveraging every inch of vertical storage space." With four types of hooks, the organizer can hold a variety of items, including shovels, extension cords, ladders, and lawn chairs. The hooks support items up to 25 or 50 pounds, which means you can easily hang the majority of your equipment. Not only is this storage kit editor-approved, but it's also a great value. One customer claimed that buying this system as a kit, rather than purchasing the rails and hooks separately, saves you about $50.

"I have a few of these sets in my garage, and I really like having the flexibility to move things around as the seasons change or as my family's needs change," says Weber.

Best for Tools: Elfa Closet Systems

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Courtesy of The Container Store

The Container Store is a one-stop-shop for home organizing solutions, including garage storage. Its original custom shelving and drawer system, Elfa, offers high-quality garage shelving units and pegboards for different types of tool storage. Instead of tossing your supplies in a tool chest, consider this Elfa Utility Workshop Organizer Pegboard ($470) that customers say "exceeded my expectations." It's constructed of steel, easy to mount, and fully adjustable. The pegboard comes with a variety of holders and hooks to keep small tools neat and tidy. If you want an organizer that can support larger items, the Platinum Elfa Utility Garage with Workstation ($1,723) is an excellent choice. It's designed to hold gardening tools, sporting goods, and cleaning supplies. Serious gardeners will love the Planting Pegboard and Shelves system ($689) for storing trimmers, gloves, and planters.

Best Pegboard Organizer: Wall Control Metal Pegboard

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Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon shoppers give this metal pegboard organizer a near-perfect rating because it takes less than 30 minutes to install, works well in small spaces, and holds an assortment of accessories. The kit comes with mounting hardware to mount the set of three panels as well as attachments for organizing tools. It provides 10.5 square feet of storage space, so you might want to consider buying two depending on the size of your tool collection and garage. Best of all, there are more than 30 colors to choose from.

One customer says it's "one of the best purchases I have made recently for organizing," while another claims, "it looks more professional than the wooden peg boards found at big box home improvement stores."

Most Customizable: The Home Depot Garage Storage Installation

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

Want to create your own garage storage system? The Home Depot is more than just a home improvement store: It has its own team of professional designers and installers who can plan and build your dream garage organization system. To get started, schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation. The team will take measurements, provide samples, discuss design options, and generate a quote using Home Depot's best-in-class design tool. You can choose from different hardware finishes, accessories, and colors for complete personalization. Once you decide on a system that fits your budget and needs, the team will verify the measurements and place your order. When it's ready, a professional comes to your home and installs it within one to three business days. Bonus: The Home Depot is offering a 10% discount on installed garages (with a minimum purchase of $500) until February 1, 2022.

Best Rolling Cabinet: Bonnlo Steel Garage Storage Cabinet

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Courtesy of Amazon

Featuring a powder-coated steel body and stainless steel doors, this heavy-duty storage cabinet is built to last. It has lockable doors, four shelves, and a 600-pound weight capacity. Due to its large size, the cabinet has layers of cardboard and foam around it during delivery to prevent potential dents and scratches. To add more stability, you have the option of mounting it to a wall using the brackets included in the kit.

"This product is a fantastic value for the price," one five-star shopper writes. "I have now purchased two of these units. The adjustable shelves make it very user friendly. And the castors with brakes make it easy to move in the garage and clean the floor underneath."

Best Workbench Storage: 2x4basics Custom Workbench System

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Courtesy of Amazon

This starter kit (with thousands of positive reviews) provides four legs, six shelf links, and two sets of screws to help you create a custom workbench. With that said, you're required to provide your own lumber and tools, including a circular saw, drill, and tape measure. Customers say assembly goes "quickly and smoothly" thanks to the kit's helpful instructions as well as other reviewers' suggestions. Whether you like to garden, work on projects, or simply have extra shelving, this $62 kit is the key to building your dream garage storage system.

"I love this workbench," one five-star reviewer writes. "I searched everywhere for a large, sturdy table for all my hobbies. I happened to stumble upon this one day, and what's better than designing exactly what you need? I was able to buy the lumber, cut it, put it together, and stain it in one weekend."

Best Overhead Storage: Fleximounts Overhead Storage

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Courtesy of Amazon

Maximize your ceiling space by adding overhead garage storage, like this heavy-duty steel rack available on Amazon. It's the No. 1 best-selling ceiling mounted storage rack, earning over 6,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who say they are "very impressed" with its quality and stability. The storage system supports up to 600 pounds and is best for items you don't need regular access to since it takes some effort to lift items on and off the rack. With customizable features, the rack can hang anywhere from 22 to 40 inches from your ceiling. Assembly requires a handful of common tools, such as a power drill ($149, Amazon) and stud finder ($23, Amazon), and several reviewers recommend having two sets of hands.

"I ordered these to get some totes and boxes off the floor of my garage. These are super easy to assemble; the hardest part was finding studs in the ceiling to mount it," one shopper says. "These organizers look nice, hold many totes, and my garage is so much more efficient with them installed. We're actually thinking about getting another set for the other side of the garage."

Best Wall Shelf: Fleximounts Storage Rack

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Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes simply adding floating shelves, like these customer-loved ones on Amazon, can make a big organizational difference. The Fleximounts two-pack of metal shelves come in black and white as well as six different sizes. The best-selling 2×6-foot option has a 400-pound capacity, which is excellent for supporting heavy items, such as paint cans. Including hooks to install underneath, these shelves can also store bikes, chairs, and golf bags. All of the mounting hardware comes with your purchase and has been tested by Fleximounts to ensure superior performance.

"I used this storage shelving to help organize my garage/woodshop space, and I couldn't believe how simple this was to install," one five-star reviewer writes. "The installation template included made the setup foolproof, and I am definitely keeping it for future projects. The shelving itself is well made and very sturdy."

Best for Long-Handled Tools: Imillet Mop and Broom Holder

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Courtesy of Amazon

If there's one garage storage system every household needs, it's this wall-mounted mop and broom organizer that costs only $19. The package comes with two racks that feature five secure slots for long tools and six hooks for a variety of objects with handles, like trowels. This means you can fit up to 22 brooms, shovels, rakes, and other tools on these garage organizers.

"This has been a long overdue purchase for our house," one customer says. "I love that it has 'hideaway' hooks in addition to the spots for the broom/mop handles. Plus, it comes with super easy installation instructions and has a piece of paper that is the same size as the unit with matching screw holes—no need for guessing and specific measurements. Just tape up the paper, mark your holes, and screw in the piece. Done and done."

Best Bike Wall Storage: Steadyrack Bike Rack

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Courtesy of Amazon

Bikes can take up quite a bit of space on garage floors, which is why you should consider a wall-mounted bike rack. This garage storage solution has a 4.8-star rating from shoppers who say it has "rock-solid construction" and is "very easy to move bikes in and out." Many customers claim their favorite feature of the rack is the swivel design that pivots up to 160 degrees. Not only does this function save space, but it also makes it a breeze to get bikes on and off the rack. There are four different types of racks—Classic, Fat, Fender, and Mountain—all of which fit most kid- and adult-sized bicycles.

"We purchased three of these and installed them in a small section of our garage," one shopper says. "They look great on the wall and when in the closed position, take up only minimal space. It is quite easy to put the bikes on and take them off for a lightweight young adult to an older person who has limited capability for lifting. These take hardly any effort to get bikes into place."

Best Bike Stand: BirdRock Home Bike Rack

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Courtesy of Amazon

If you want an even quicker and easier solution to bike clutter, try this multipurpose garage organizer. It's available in three different sizes to fit two, three, or four bikes and features a bonus storage basket for helmets and sports equipment. The stand is suitable for a variety of bicycles, including road, hybrid, and mountain bikes, plus scooters. For assembly, all you need is a screwdriver, and you can build it in about 15 to 30 minutes, according to reviewers.

"This bike stand is perfect for our bikes," one customer says. "It is easy to park or take out individual bicycles. We have two road bikes and two electric bikes parked in the rack. The shelf that is part of the rack is perfect for storing the charging units for the ebikes and our helmets, with more room to spare."

Best Ball Storage: Kinghouse Sports Equipment Organizer

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Courtesy of Amazon

Keep your family's sporting goods in one easy-to-access place with this spacious garage storage rack. Providing two deep bins and four long baskets, the steel cart holds balls, helmets, tennis rackets, skateboards, baseball gloves, and other sports gear. One side of the rack has hooks for practice bags and ball caps, and the other features specially designed hangers for baseball and softball bats. The cart also moves easily thanks to its smooth rolling wheels. If you have a home gym, this organizer is also great for indoor use.

"So glad I purchased this for my home," one customer writes. "We have four kids, and our garage needed some quick organization. This was easy, and kids can easily access their stuff. I wish I had gotten it sooner! So easy to put together too!"

Best Custom Wall Storage: Gorgeous Garage Shelving System

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Courtesy of Gorgeous Garage

Compared to other companies that install custom cabinets and workstations, Gorgeous Garage design and installation service offers garage shelving systems that cost a lot less due to the types of materials. The company's signature design is the Monkey Bar storage system that features levels of racks under shelving units. With this system, you can triple the amount of storage space underneath each shelf. The top shelf is great for holding heavy storage bins, and the layered storage hangs tools, sports gears, and other outdoor essentials. What's more, you can adjust hooks and bars as needed to fit a variety of items. If you're interested in pricing and design options, get a free estimate from a dealer near you.

Best Custom Cabinet System: Closets by Design

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Courtesy of Closets by Design

It's one thing to use your garage as a storage unit but another to turn your space into a functional extension of your home. Leave it to Closets by Design to help you complete this project. In addition to extravagant walk-in closets and laundry rooms, this professional organizing company transforms garages into dream spaces for everyday life. Closets by Design installs top-of-the-line garage cabinets, shelving, and countertops to create an area you can use for more than just typical outdoor equipment. Similar to kitchen cabinets, there are different sizes, finishes, and hardware styles to choose from. Schedule a free in-home design consultation by filling out this form.

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