Garage sales take a lot of work. But with the right prep, the sale will go a lot smoother and your home will be less cluttered.

By Katie Bandurski
June 20, 2017
garage sale

A garage sale give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of excess clutter. Go through every room of your home to find items you no longer need or use. Use a critical eye when scouring your wares. Do you really need three neck pillows? And when was the last time you used that chips-and-dip platter a coworker gifted you? Once you've decided what to sell, place all items in a central location where you can assess and price your collection.

2. Take Out the Trash

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We've all been to rummage sales where all they're selling is junk. While prepping for your sale, don't be afraid to toss or recycle worn items. No one wants to pay for a sweater with holes in it or electronics that don't work. Plus, mixing in junk items with the rest of your nice items devalues your entire sale. If you're on the fence about whether an item is worth selling, get a second opinion from a spouse or friend.

3. Group Like Items

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It's best to arrange items in distinct groupings. Having separate zones for kitchen items, toys, books, and clothing makes it easier for shoppers as they navigate your sale. Prep for your garage sale by storing like things together as you price and organize. Just as if you were moving, label boxes by room and make note of what's inside.

4. Keep It Safe

garage organization

Prepping for a garage sale can take up a lot of space in your home. Try to store items in a spare room or basement. If that's not possible, stash items in the garage—just take a few precautions. Use heavy-duty plastic bins instead of boxes to prevent any water damage and to ward off critters looking to nest. Store items away from leaky ceilings or direct sunlight, and always keep valuable items inside your house.

5. Clean Up

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Looking for the motivation to clean your garage? Having shoppers weaving in and out of your garage is as good an excuse as any to knock down dusty cobwebs, sweep the floor, and hang up sports equipment. Be sure to remove any hazards from your garage as well, such as mousetraps or power tools.

6. Stash Treasures Out of Sight

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The day before your sale, find new homes for any items you store in your garage but don't want to sell. Otherwise, you'll have shoppers trying to buy your new snowblower. Move bulky items to a backyard, shed, or secluded area. Then hang up old sheets or drop cloths around the walls of your garage to hide hanging rakes, shovels, and other yardwork essentials.

7. Set Up in Advance

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Make the morning of your garage sale a little easier by setting up the night before. Park cars in the street, set up tables, and lay out as many items as you can, leaving large items or valuables safely inside. Close your garage door at night, then open it when you're ready for business. 


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