Wood Garage Doors that Raise the Bar

Wood garage doors, which are designed to suit all architectural styles and available in swing-out, swing-up, roll-up, and sliding options, enhance a home's curb appeal. Here are 16 homes that do wood garage doors right.

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    Details Count

    Glass panes across the top of a garage door contribute decorative elements that also lighten the door's visual impact and allow sunlight into the garage. This door's planked panels and iron handles further the entry's aesthetic appeal.

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    Mirror Image

    Picking up on paneled and windowed details on the dormer above, this wood garage door underscores this home's modern cottage character. Rail and stile details and square windows bring a vintage feel to the garage door, which rolls up in a contemporary way.

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    Making a Match

    Select a wood garage door that suits your home's architectural origins. Crosshatch details, divided-light windows, faux strap hinges, and decorative iron handles give this garage door a decidedly Craftsman outlook.

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    Color Matters

    Opting for garage doors crafted of wood allows you to customize the doors with paint or stain. A dark stained finish that matches this home's trim makes the door stand out against the light stucco exterior

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    Staying in Step

    Like-hued garage doors and latticework introduce color and dimension to a home's facade. The newly added architectural elements' rusty tones complement the home's brickwork without distracting from its English Tudor leanings.

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    Ranch Appeal

    See how an exterior makeover gave an old ranch home and garage eye-pleasing personality.

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    Angled to Perfection

    Look to your home's geometry when choosing a wood door that does more than enclose your garage. This door beautifully echoes the home's arched entry and windows but presents the shape in a solid form that accentuates its curves.

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    Attention Grabber

    Treat your wood garage door as a decorative feature on your home's facade. Stain or paint the door to contrast with your home's siding so it is easily seen from the street.

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    Period Reference

    With the look of swing-out carriage doors, these new roll-up garage doors fit a period home to perfection. The white finish, paned windows, and black iron hardware make the wood garage door a bright light at the end of a sunken drive.

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    Classic Connections

    Create a pulled-together facade by choosing a wood garage door that replicates the shapes and colors of other architectural elements featured on your home's exterior. This garage door echoes the front door's arched geometry and takes its color cue from the stucco's coppery undertones.

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    Enchanting Entrance

    Garage doors that stretch across a home's front-facing elevation require thoughtful selection. Chosen for their carriage-door silhouettes, crosshatch details, and divided-light windows, these lovely garage doors appear to be an extension of the home's main entry.

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    Plainly Profiled

    Want to streamline your home's facade? Opt for a simply detailed single door for your two-car garage. Minimize its presence with a stain or paint color, such as this door's driftwood finish, that tiptoes into view.

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    Guiding the Eye

    Sometimes wood garage doors need to step back so a home's front door becomes the focal point. Stained a dark color, this flat-plane door embellished with iron strap hinges provides a good-looking but understated silhouette that aptly takes a back seat to more ornate front doors.

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    Organic Appeal

    Craftsman-like in its contours, finish, details, and shape, this wood garage door sounds a nontraditional note. Curved windows running across the top of the paneled door ease the door's straight angles and provide a softer counterpoint to the landscape's hard, linear surfaces.

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    Divide and Conquer

    Two windowed garage doors boasting vertical details and framed by columnlike elements anchor this home's breezy upper reaches without making the structure appear bottom-heavy. Stained to match the home's window and door trim, the garage doors unite with the overall color scheme.

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    Fetching and Functional

    Carriage-style wood garage doors fashion an exceptional exterior, even when they aren't meant to accommodate coming-and-going autos. These doors boost interest on a garage wall that faces a courtyard; a centrally placed swinging door allows people to pass from the garage to the courtyard.

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