Garage Remodel Ideas for Every Budget

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Does your garage need a little TLC -- or a bigger update for better curb appeal? Use these inspiring ideas to find the perfect garage remodel project for your budget.

$: Refresh Garage Lighting and House Numbers

The extras on a garage often get short attention, but those little details can make a big impact. Take lighting and house numbers: Choices more in step with your garage's style can tie together paint, materials, and more. Use proportion as your guide when selecting fixtures: Low-slung styles such as this garage work better with small to medium fixtures.

$: Paint a Garage Door

A simple upgrade that nonetheless makes a big impact, paint can do wonders for a tired, forlorn garage -- even if it's just the door that needs a refreshed hue. Pick a color that's already present in the home -- here, a bright and cheery white -- or play up one of the secondary hues present on trim.

$: Soften a Garage’s Edges with Plants

One of the biggest impacts you can make to a refreshed garage has little to do with the garage itself: Add containers potted with pretty blooms. The planters help to soften the edges between structure and landscape and add pops of visual interest to what is often a neutral facade. Here, miniature trellises up the columns add even more growing spots, with delicate vines that clamor up toward the pergola. Another idea: Use hanging baskets on either side of a garage’s door.

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Create Stunning Containers

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$-$$: Upgrade an Alternative Garage Side

Although the vehicle entry side of a garage gets lots of attention, the other exterior walls can do much to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Take this side view of a garage: A rich paint color, a narrow strip of pavers, a few chairs, and some containers create a restful nook in an otherwise neglected space.

$-$$: Include Decorative Elements for a Garage

If your garage's color and structure are in just-fine shape, then think about using its facade as an extension of your personality-driven interior decorating. Add pieces that offer texture or color, especially if they help break up a long, boring expanse that's adjacent to an outdoor living spot.

$–$$: Add a Structural Element

Details that soften and define can be a great way to give your garage a low- to mid-cost facelift without a lot of structural heavy lifting. One good option is a narrow pergola or horizontal trellis over the garage doors.

$-$$: Add Trim and Molding

Depending on your DIY skills, adding trim or molding for a detail-driven boost can be a good way to improve the garage windows and doors. Here, a narrow trim piece picks up on the bright white around the rest of the home's windows and entrances. If your garage doors are fairly unadorned, added molding or insets can create visual interest.

$-$$: Update a Garage Door Opener

If your garage and garage door are in good-enough shape, there are tech updates you can make to improve its convenience. New openers -- some controllable from inside the house, others wirelessly -- can make it simpler to open and close the door, and offer entry for kids and visitors through keypads.

$$: Define a Garage with Materials

Even the restrained addition of an eye-catching extra can provide a pretty upgrade for a garage. Here, a narrow strip of brick above the doors as well as columns clad in brick break up the otherwise large expanse of simple white siding.

$$: Use a Carport for a Garage

Many yards don't have the space, and many homeowners lack the budget, for a full-size garage. One solution that can add definition to your home's curb appeal while offering partial coverage to your home is a carport. Here, this piece is structured as a pergola, and offers a good spot for extra seating for larger gatherings.

$$-$$$: Update Your Garage Doors

There are a remarkable number of garage options that vary widely in design and price. If your doors could use a functional and aesthetic upgrade, consider budgeting for replacements that include enough extras that they help boost your curb appeal. These pretty doors include old-style pulls as well as small windowpanes, all painted in a color to blend with the rest of the home.

$$-$$$: Define a Garage's Entry

Structural elements such as an awning or small portico can give welcome architectural detail to a home. Be sure to repeat the roof style and shingles, as well as any extra details—here, brackets add visual interest.

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