5 Gorgeous Paint Ideas to Upgrade Your Garage

Boost the curb appeal of your garage (and home) with these picture-perfect garage paint combination ideas.

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Above all else, a garage's paint collection should feel perfectly in step with the rest of the house. That sometimes means resisting the urge to interject an unusual color or jarring element that's otherwise absent on your home. What you sacrifice in personality you'll gain in a garage that feels less like its own stand-alone element and more like a natural piece of the rest of the home. This home's color selection and setup is a good example: Instead of competing with the front entry, the garage doors blend with the dominant color on the rest of the home. Because the garage doesn't grab visual attention, visitors can easily direct their attention to the front steps and entry. A repeating element—here, a miniature pergola that also appears on the roof timbers in the front porch—further ties together house and garage.

Create Seamless Horizontal Connection

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Many homes have garage spaces that connect on a horizontal plane with the rest of the house—the garage sits to one side while the house occupies a multi-storied space to the other. To better integrate the garage with the house, choose a paint and material combination that relies on repetition from one horizontal space to another. For example, this home's pretty green window and door trim carries from living space to garage. The same material from the home—siding painted a rich cocoa—appears on the rails and overhead trellis on the rooftop outdoor space above the garage. A slight twist on accent materials—here, a narrow brick set in a horizontal pattern—creates a subtle visual tie between garage and landscape, too.

Help the Garage Recede


Sometimes, setting up the garage as a secondary player helps a home's facade better grab wanted attention. That's a good strategy, particularly if you want to highlight key material and color choices elsewhere. The resulting garage paint combo can be an unobtrusive addition to your home's curb appeal. Here, the homeowners chose to maintain a neutral collection of color choices, repeated on both the home and the garage. The result gives focus to the pretty addition of brick on the living spaces.

Pick Up on a Minimalist Accent

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Most homes rely on a three-color combination for their exterior facade: one dominant hue and two secondary colors. Between those secondary colors, one is used more prominently than the other. One way to add heft to your garage paint colors is to choose that little-used secondary color for the garage door's primary color. A good example is this Victorian home's color scheme. A collection of neutrals offers soothing contrast to the intricate collection of details on the home's facade. On the garage, the homeowners picked up the darker beige color -- found only on insets under the first floor bay window and near the roofline -- and relied on it for the bulk of the door, while the soft off-white on the garage's trim and frame ties in with the rest of the home.

Use Color to Provide Visual Balance

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A combination of light and dark hues helps to create a palette that can ground your home in a landscape, and prevent one part from overpowering or getting lost. The key is to keep proportions of colors consistent: one focal color for at least half the facade and two secondary colors in about a 30/20 ratio for the rest of the space. Here, the homeowners kept it simple -- using the home's dark chocolate accent hue for the garage door's primary one -- but that flip helps to ground the low-slung, contemporary home as well as enhance its clean lines. Other ideas include flip-flopping trim hue selections, or picking up on a material choice inside the home for a color on the garage door.

Boost Curb Appeal

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