A neglected storage space becomes a fun garage hangout space full of personality.

garage decorating

An underused garage underwent a dramatic and savvy transformation to become a perfect hangout space for the homeowner's kids and their friends. After the clutter was cleared out, style and fun came in. A green-and-orange color palette is kid- and teen-friendly, as are the 1960s-inspired accents and light fixtures. Wood flooring, cabinetry, and a big L-shape sofa give the garage roomlike appeal.

Snack Time


A kitchenette complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and vending machine (the coin system was deactivated) serves as a snack zone for the hungry hordes who hang out in the room. Details such as custom cabinets, countertops, and a mosaic backsplash help the space feel more like a room and not a garage.

Ready to Play

garage decorating

A long stretch of cabinets contains gaming systems, a karaoke station, an iPod input, and even inflatable mattresses for sleepovers. The flat-screen TV is mounted high on the wall to provide clear views from multiple angles.

Mod light fixtures were installed in front of mirrors to boost light. When the garage door is closed, the space doesn't receive much light. The mirrors reflect light from the fixtures and bounce it back into the room.

Storage Smarts


Shelves inside the cabinets give everything a place and keep toys, games, and electronics organized.

Up to the Table

green wallpaper

Whether employed as a snack buffet, board game base, or extra seating for teen gatherings, this small table and chairs is space-savvy and at the ready.

Garage Makeover Tips

garage decorating

If you find yourself with a garage that sees more stashed stuff than parked cars, consider converting it into a livable addition to your home.

Hot and cold. Depending on how it was built, your garage might lack the insulation and temperature controls the rest of your home enjoys. Use independent climate controls to keep it comfy.

On the level. Most garage floors slant toward the door for drainage. Keep this challenge in mind when planning for cabinets and flooring.

Door detour. Many cities require a permit to remove a garage door. Instead of removing it, use it! Paint the inside like a wall, and open the door on warm days.

Future use. Another reason to keep the garage door intact: resale value. A garage can be a major selling point for a home, so talk with a real estate agent before altering yours.

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