Garage Ideas: Interior and Exterior Updates

Today's garages are as design-forward as they are functional. Find inspiration from our beautiful garage photos and ideas.

Remodel and Repurpose

Rather than demolish a wobbly old garage, restore its former glory. This one-car garage was so unstable that it had to be propped up with timbers, but it was restored because of its historical tie to the house. Fixed up and furnished, it now serves as a much-used entertaining hub.

Add Style that Endures

Whatever architectural style takes your fancy, call attention to your home's exterior with gorgeous, durable design choices. A peaked roofline with a fanciful cupola, shingle siding, crisp white trim, and wood doors issue a warm welcome.

Consider a Carport

If your home is without a garage, consider a carport. A freestanding or attached carport offers less protection than a garage but more ventilation. Extending the home's roof over the driveway and repeating exterior color choices integrates the carport without sacrificing style.

Design tip: New plantings, garden structures, and hardscaping help an addition blend in with the existing house. Such elements make a home feel welcoming and soften edges.

Update with Molding

Turn a basic garage door into a standout feature by adding molding. Decorative molding creates a distinctive pattern on this garage door. Consider mimicking architectural shapes found throughout your home's exterior on the face of your garage door.

Add an Overhead Trellis

Trellises built above garage doors provide a method to integrate plantings into the front of the home. Hanging baskets, colorful plants, and a brick driveway add curb appeal.

Save money by designing and planting your own beautiful hanging baskets.

Plant Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an easy way to add color and personality to a garage. Watch this video and learn how to save money by planting your own.

Upgrade Garage Details

Door pulls positioned at the center of the garage doors allude to the days of horse-drawn buggies. Carriage house doors would fling open to allow horses entrance into their stalls. Recessed paneling, mullioned windows, and a classic sconce add to the charm.

Customize Wood Doors

Choosing multiple types of wood or using contrasting stains can help achieve an inviting, authentic effect. An elegant scrolling sconce above the garage door enhances its natural, clean-lined look.

Coordinate Looks

The right touches can give a home's facade a charming character boost. A short, sloping roof over the garage that matches the roofline above the front entry streamlined the exterior of this Dutch Colonial house and made room for a grand new master suite.

Embrace Color

Enhance garage doors by borrowing from your home's exterior color palette. Appealing to an earthy color scheme, this garage door features the same vibrant paint color that covers the home's siding and shutters to boost curb appeal and make a better first impression.

This garage has storage space for everything - from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a cue from its setup for your own garage organization strategy.

Improve Organization

Does your garage need a storage boost? See how this space accommodates sports equipment, garden gear, and more with a few creative updates.

Look to Garage Walls

An easy way to organize your garage is to get items off the floor. Maximize space by going vertical. Slatted wall panels keep sports gear accessible and away from the wheels of cars pulling into and out of the garage.

Include a Workstation

A traditional potting bench combines with pegboard to create a compact garage work space. Small wheeled bins beneath the bench are labeled to serve as an easy-access recycling center that tucks away when not in use.

Boost Storage Cabinets

Chalkboard fronts add character to these garage storage cabinets and make it easy to label contents. Shallow drawers and pegboard on the wall keep smaller tools close at hand. Pulls placed high on the upper cabinets limit access to inquisitive children.

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