Don't let dull design dim your curb appeal. Help your garage get its groove back with these exterior-energizing fixtures and features.

Upgrade Basic Doors

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A beautiful door design is a must -- especially if you have a street-facing garage. Trade a basic garage door design for a quality custom one to maximize street-side appeal. Doors with distinctive contours add character, small rows of windows admit natural light without compromising privacy, and creative color placement equates to a bold style punch.

Consider Lighting

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Garage lighting is often an afterthought, but it shouldn't be; those little details can add up to make a big difference, especially when they can be spotted from the street. Quality lighting improves safety and enhances exterior style -- all the more reason to coordinate your garage's lighting with your home's other outdoor fixtures for a polished, streamlined look.

Coordinate with Your Exterior

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Whether you have an attached or detached garage, go the extra mile to blend it into the rest of your exterior. Choose complementary garage colors and materials that make it feel like a thoughtful extension of your home.

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