18 Converted Garage Ideas That'll Inspire You to Renovate Your Own

garage-turned-office entertaining shed french doors dining seating
Photo: Laurey Glenn

If you don't need a spot to store your cars, garages can end up serving as at-home warehouses—catch-all areas for stuff that doesn't otherwise have a home. But what if your garage had a real purpose? You could transform the space into an office, a hangout zone, or even a guest house. Check out these garage conversions to find inspiration for your unused parking spaces.

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Converted Garage Guest House

hayley and dog sitting outside renovated tiny home
Ellie Lillstrom

Outfitted with a private bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, this garage conversion created the perfect getaway for guests. The 480-square-foot tiny home feels spacious thanks to vaulted ceilings and generous windows. French doors replaced the original garage doors, adding to the open, airy feel.

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Tiny Home Living Area

eclectic colorful breakfast nook with built in bookshelves
Ellie Lillstrom

Built-in open shelving contributes storage and style to the main living space of this garage turned tiny home. An expandable table pulls up to the window seat to create a cozy dining area. The stools are small enough to stow in the open niches when not in use.

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Converted Garage Kitchen

black and white tiny kitchen with gold sconces
Ellie Lillstrom

A one-wall kitchen provides a stylish yet efficient solution for this converted garage. To streamline the look, wood panels disguise the refrigerator, and the microwave hides in a pantry cabinet. Brass sconces illuminate the soapstone backsplash.

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Garage Playroom

garage organization bike rack shelves table
Paul Dyer

You don't have to claim the entire space to make your garage more usable. This family converted only their third garage stall, turning it into an extra playroom. An outdoor area rug softens the concrete floor under the kids' table set, while a cushioned bench provides comfy adult-sized seating. Customized shelves store sports equipment and seasonal items out of the way, and low-to-the-ground baskets and bins provide easy access to toys.

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Multipurpose Converted Garage

garage-turned-office entertaining shed french doors dining seating
Laurey Glenn

This run-down garage found new life as a home office and entertaining hub. Extra insulation and drywall keep the converted garage comfortable nearly year-round. French doors and slate tile flooring add high-end style to the multipurpose space.

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Garage Turned Outdoor Retreat

four-bay carriage house reincarnated garage
Ed Gohlich

Convert your garage to outdoor living space by removing the roof. This gorgeous stone structure shed its tin roof and doors to become an open-air patio. The four-bay carriage house now provides 800 square feet of entertaining space. Topped with billowing wisteria, the original stone walls and new rafter pergola offer a rustic connection to the landscape.

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Garage Patio Design

concrete floor cedar-sheathed pillars garage carriage house
Ed Gohlich

A new concrete floor and cedar-sheathed pillars and beams complement the garage's original stone construction. Extra amenities, including a ceiling fan and outdoor string lights, increase the comfort and usability of the space. Behind the cedar-clad wall hides a potting shed with storage and a utility sink.

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Outdoor Connection

garage carriage house garden doorway
Ed Gohlich

Although it looks like it's been there for centuries, the tumbledown doorway to the side yard was a new creation, designed to offer a view into the garden. Flagstone paths lead from the converted garage structure to the rest of the yard. Pretty pots filled with heat-loving plants bring bright pops of living color inside the space.

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Converted Garage Apartment

garage turned second-story loft apartment
Emily Followill

Bumped out by a long dormer, this garage gained second-story space for a loft apartment. Traditional exterior details, including shake shingles and lantern-style light fixtures, create visual cohesion on the outside. Brackets on both sides of the doors hold up miniature porticos, echoing the main house's design.

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Lofted Garage Bedroom

garage turned loft apartment bedroom
Emily Followill

This lofted garage apartment provides a spacious bedroom area with a full bathroom tucked to one side—the perfect space for guests. The neutral color scheme and plentiful windows keep the interior light and bright, so you'd never guess you're staying in a garage.

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Bright Garage Living Space

garage turned loft apartment living space
Emily Followill

Clever window placements ensure that this small space enjoys as much natural light as possible. On the short ends of the second-story living area, double-height windows serve as a pleasant backdrop for seating. Strategic placement of rugs and furniture helps create different zones, making this a multitasking space.

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Garage Chill Room

garage turned Family Hangout Space
Ed Gohlich

If you're short on interior living space, consider transforming all or part of your garage into a family hangout spot. Outfitted with built-in cabinetry and furniture, this garage provides plenty of flexible space for family activities. Durable, easy-to-clean furniture and fixtures ensure it can stand up to lots of foot traffic.

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Flexible Living Space

garage turned green wall Hangout Space
Ed Gohlich

This space is all about functionality and fun. Custom cabinets supply lots of storage for electronics and games, while retro light fixtures infuse the room with personality. They also help bounce light around the room, which is especially helpful when the garage door is closed.

This converted garage packs in plenty of conveniences, including a kitchenette with a long countertop that doubles as a serving space during gatherings. The fully-equipped snack station features a fridge, microwave, and even a vending machine. The mosaic backsplash ties in with the cheerful palette of citrusy hues.

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Garage Craft Space

garage turned Craft Office Space
Michael Garland

Easy updates transformed this ordinary garage into a visually pleasing workspace for crafting and office work. Suspended sheets of unfinished drywall created a neutral backdrop for open storage, as well as wall space for hanging art and inspiration boards. The ceiling beams and electrical lines were left exposed for simplicity's sake.

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Practical Garage Details

garage turned Craft Space hanging bike
Michael Garland

Open rafters offer storage spots for bright plastic tubs, while a hook keeps a clunky bike off the ground. If your space is intended to serve several people, place furniture in strategic spots to create different work zones, customized with graphic but practical elements like an oversize calendar and chalkboard.

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Converted Garage Studio

garage turned Craft desk
Michael Garland

In this garage workspace, open shelving and a no-frills desk keep the aesthetic light and industrial, while craft supplies bring in color. Securing and caulking the baseboards helps prevent dust and grime from entering the former garage space.

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Garage Guest Home

garage turned dining guest space
John Granen

What was once an expansive garage became a contemporary space to host friends and family, complete with bright orange garage doors. The multiple-bay area offers plenty of space for guests to sleep, dine, and relax, and since it's attached to the house, the flexible space can also be used for entertaining.

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Converted Garage Connection

garage office space transform
John Granen

Oversize pocket doors separate the garage-turned-guest-quarters from the rest of the home. Frosted glass panes offer privacy while keeping the space light and bright. The frames were painted the same orange accent color as the original garage door, which is the centerpiece of the converted guest quarters. The clear glass panes connect the indoors with the outdoors, letting in plenty of natural light and offering a view of the yard.

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