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Ultimate Garage Organization
Don't need a spot to store your cars? Transform your garage into a new kind of space: a work area, a hangout zone, or a home-away-from-home for guests.

Garage = Outdoor Retreat

Relieved of its tin roof and doors, this old four-bay carriage house was reincarnated as an expansive 20x40-foot, open-air, outdoor living space. Original stone walls and a lush growth of wisteria atop a new rafter pergola create a rustic connection to the landscape. 

Material Magic

A new concrete floor and cedar-sheathed pillars and beams create a palette-perfect connection to the garage’s existing organic stone hues. Extra amenities, including a ceiling fan/light, help to increase comfort and therefore use of the space. Behind the cedar-clad wall hides a potting shed with storage, sink, and plumbing.

Outdoor Connection

Although it looks completely natural, the tumbledown doorway to the side yard was a new creation, designed to create a view from inside the space to outside in the garden. Flagstone paths lead from the refashioned garage structure to the rest of the yard. Pretty pots filled with heat-loving plants offer bright pops of living color inside the space.

Garage = Loft Apartment

Bumped out by a long dormer, a garage gains second-story space to be used as a loft apartment. Pretty details -- including shake shingles, brackets on both sides of the doors to hold up a miniature portico, and traditional styled light fixtures -- create visual cohesion on the outside. 

Relaxing Sleep Quarters

The middle of the loft apartment has space aplenty for a bedroom area, with a full bath tucked just to one side. A neutral color scheme keeps the interior light and bright.

Bring in the Light

Lots of clever window placements ensure that the miniscule space gets as much natural light as possible. On short ends of the second-story space, double-height windows offer a pleasant backdrop to the living area. Rugs and furniture placement help to create different zones in the space.

Garage = Family Hangout Space

If you're short on living space but love your home, consider transforming all or part of your garage into a family hangout spot. This smartly styled space offers plenty of flexible, fun room for a family, with clean-lined furniture and fixtures that stand up to lots of foot traffic.

Make the Space Fun & Flexible

The custom cabinets supply lots of storage for electronics, games, and the like. Cool '60s-inspired light fixtures offer another fun accent and help to bounce brightness around the room—especially helpful when the garage door is closed. The long countertop doubles as a serving space during gatherings.

Add Lots of Extras

Inside the nook are plenty of conveniences, including a fridge, microwave, and vending machine, and a bright and cheery palette as well as a punchy patterned wallpaper. The mosaic backsplash ties into the pretty pattern on the back wall.

Garage = Craft/Office Space

Minimalist updates can often transform an ordinary garage into a visually pleasing work space. To turn this garage into a craft/office space, the owners simply hung sheets of unfinished drywall to create a neutral wall backdrop, and left the ceiling beams and the electrical lines exposed. The clean backdrop keeps the focus on the open storage and dramatic inspiration/pin boards.

Practical Details

Graphic elements like an oversize calendar and chalkboard are both practical and decorative. Open rafters offer storage spots for bright plastic tubs, while a hint of the garage’s original use comes through in the bike hook. If your space is intended for multiple users, place furniture in strategic spots to create different work zones. 

Pick Your Design Likes

Choose your garage makeover vibe and stick with it: That's the design lesson of this office/crafts space. Open shelving and a no-frills desk keep the aesthetic light industrial. Another tip: Make sure baseboards are secure and caulked to prevent dust and grime from entering a former garage space.

Garage = Just-Right Guest Space

One of the great things about converted garage space is that garages typically have lots and lots of open square footage to work with. That’s a bonus if you’re creating a flexible use space, such as a guest quarters attached to your home.  Here, this expansive multiple-bay garage got a contemporary update with abundant multiuse space for visiting friends and family. 

Use Color for Pop

The centerpiece of the converted guest quarters is the original garage door, which was painted a cheery orange color. The clear glass panes offer a connection between inside and outside. For garage spaces converted into living spaces, look for doors that rely on clear panes to let in natural light. 

Keep It Flowing

The garage-turned-guest-quarters is separated from the rest of the home by ingenious, oversize pocket doors. They help to keep the space light and bright, and they were painted the same orange primary accent color. Frosted glass in the immediately adjoining slider offers subdued privacy.

This garage has storage space for everything - from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a cue from its setup for your own garage organization strategy.

Ultimate Garage Organization

Elevate your garage's organization with these clever customized solutions to boost storage and square footage.

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