Absolutely Gorgeous Detached Garage Designs

Paint, materials, and attention to detail give these detached garage designs a knock-it-out-of-the-park look.

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    Detached Garage Detailing

    Although consideration of your house's details are important to the design of a detached garage, other hardscape pieces can lend inspiration, too. Here, the structure is integrated with a fence -- the wall extending seamlessly into the yard's borders -- and a curved roof detail replicating other fence features. A collection of neatly trimmed shrubs offers a transition between structures and landscape.

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    Detail-Worthy Detached Garage

    Even if a detached garage doesn't have living space, house-like details can add enviable design beauty. Here, a half-circle window at the roofline allows in natural light, while the mini portico over the side door -- as well as a narrow accent flower bed -- add interest to the structure's side profile.

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    Rustic and Refined Detached Garage

    Plenty of modern-day garage upgrades do a good job recalling more traditional garage features. Here, the pretty wood door -- made to resemble closures on a barn or horse stable -- is actually a contemporary roll-up entry. Rich shake shingles set at an angle on the upper half of the garage and a pop-up window cupola also tie the structure to the home. 

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    Exterior Color Tips

    Color is key to making your detached garage feel a part of your home and other structures in the landscape. Find out more exterior color tips to give you perfect curb appeal.

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    Landscape Planning with a Detached Garage

    A little planning can help your detached garage become a well-integrated piece of your landscape instead of an afterthought. Here, a classic structure feels in step with the collection of outdoor hardscape and landscape elements, including an outdoor paved living space and a wide planting bed. Pretty greenery softens the entryway of the garage, while brick insets define borders and offer visual variety in the drive’s lead-up to the garage.

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    Traditional Detached Garage Upgrade

    Details make a difference in a detached garage that's blah and one that's a standout architectural element in the landscape. Here, this story-and-a-half space benefits from traditional extras, including shutters, light fixtures, and double garage doors that open at the center. 

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    Charming Detached Garage

    Details make a difference in a detached garage that’s blah and one that’s a standout architectural element in the landscape. Here, this story-and-a-half space benefits from traditional extras, including shutters, light fixtures, and double garage doors that open at the center. 

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    A Driveway + Detached Garage

    Extras, such as miniature shake shingles and a sweet window box, elevate the style of this detached garage. There's also a good aesthetic lesson here with the driveway and the brick garage detail: The two complement each other both in color and patterning.

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    Detached Garage Garden Oasis

    Tucked at the end of a long drive, this pretty detached garage includes a few key elements to integrate it into the charming cottage garden. Cross-hatching on the doors offers an interesting visual element, while a continuous window box over the garage doors offers a connection between the planted landscape and the garage structure.

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    Cape Cod-Inspired Detached Garage

    Although the car-entry space to a garage generally must be unobstructed, a garage door can be a good spot to include welcoming details. In this seaside-focused space, the homeowners added a pergola adjacent to the door; it offers a landing spot for people headed up to the second-floor space as well as a spot for flowering vines.

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    Detached Garage Getaway

    This pretty garage includes lots of inspiring ideas to refashion your own detached space. For starters, a narrow pergola, extending off the face of the garage, offers shade and structural interest. When cars are parked, the pavers -- inset around larger sections of concrete -- make for a relaxing seating nook, and the window boxes add a flower-friendly touch to the space. Extras include cottage-style light fixtures and detailed garage doors for a pulled-together aesthetic.

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    Detached Garage Retreat

    In place of car storage, this garage offers a focal point for an outdoor living retreat. The doors -- painted a cheery yellow -- slide to the side to open and supply a covered spot for outdoor dining and relaxing. A gravel area offers a softer edge to the patio, and an oversize barn-style light casts a soft glow at the space’s entry.

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    Detached Garage Turned Gathering Space

    A one-car detached garage got new life as a garden retreat thanks to a few clever design twists. The large car-entry door was replaced with a smaller inset that still opens wide to allow air and entry. The tile floor offers an easy-care surface for plenty of foot traffic, and a pretty oversize light casts welcome illumination on the entry.

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    Detached Garage with the Extras

    For detached garages that also include living space, details can add welcome interior amenities. Here, the upper level space includes an operable window and skylight. A miniature trellis adds visual relief for the front facade, while pretty gray-blue shingles pick up the brighter hue in the home's shutters.

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