Chalkboard Garage Storage Cabinets

Photo tour of a well-organized garage outfitted with chalkboard storage cabinets.

Chalkboard Garage Storage Cabinets

Your teacher seemed to know that writing information on the chalkboard would help you remember better and longer. Transfer that technique to the garage to provide maximum flexibility while keeping all your stuff labeled and at your fingertips. In this case, the fronts of garage cabinets are coated with chalkboard paint and then labeled with white chalk.

Convert space at the head of the garage to a storage area with stock cabinets. Add a plywood countertop, pegboard, and task lights to make a workbench.

Garage Cabinets

Shallow garage storage cabinets with labeled doors and drawers keep hobby and recreational items out of sight until they're needed.

Items are grouped into general categories and assigned to a drawer or shelf behind closed doors.

Square Storage

Straight-sided containers make better use of shelf space than round ones. Clear glass reveals nails, screws, and little parts easily lost. Add labels to make finding the right piece even simpler.

See-Through Bins

Pullout bins allow easy access to shelved items and can be lifted to the job site.

Pegboard Solution

Versatile pegboard can neatly anchor tool racks, trays, and many wire configurations with minimal effort.

No More Tangles

Unruly items such as wire and extension cords stay neatly coiled inside trays hidden behind doors.

Labeled Cabinets

Wipe-clean chalkboard labels on the garage cabinets are easy to change when you rearrange items.

The overall garage storage patterns can be rearranged to accommodate new hobbies or tasks and seasonal tools. Just erase and rewrite!

Easy-Access Drawers

A combination of shallow and deep drawers offers versatility when sorting your everyday tools and supplies into handy categories.

Organized Catchall

Clearing the counter converts this unit to a potting bench or workshop. Tools hang neatly on the pegboard grid, other supplies are close at hand, and halogen undercabinet fixtures ensure ample lighting for any task.

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