Budget Garage Work Space for Gardening

Create a functional low-cost work space in your garage for all of your garden gear.

Budget-Friendly Garden Center Makeover

Looking to add a workshop or gardening center but can't find the room? Look no further than your garage. Here we've turned a short stretch of garage wall space into an attractive and highly functional gardening center with five easy and affordable pieces that would work just as well in a basement or back hall.

Hanging Tool Storage & Basket

1. Slotwall Panels: Make hanging and installing storage easier on yourself with slotwall panels. These ever-adaptable units make it possible for you to easily slide baskets, shelves, and hooks into place as the seasons change. Your slotwall panels will likely hold a lot of weight, so it is important to install them correctly. Place nails between slots and always nail into a wall stud. Use a stud finder to make sure you have the right spot every time. 

32 inches wide ($29 each) in brushed-silver finish. Painted green.
The Home Depot; www.homedepot.com

2. Baskets: Wire baskets are great for storage that you can see. Find a hanging basket with room for a label that clearly states its contents. We painted this basket a medium blue to match the surrounding colors. Use a paint with a protective enamel to prevent the metal basket from rusting. 

From left, $12.99 and $19.99.
Space Savers; www.spacesavers.com

Wall Hooks

3. Hooks: Most garden tools come with a hole in the handle designed for hooks. Hanging your sharp tools is especially smart because it lowers the risk of cutting yourself while reaching into a bag of spades and gardening claws. When purchasing hooks, consider the length. These 6-inch hooks comfortably hold one tool each, while 10- to 12-inch hooks may be more ideal for small slotwall panels where space is limited. 

6-inch wall hook ($6.99 each).
Organize.com; www.organize.com

Garden Work Table

4. Bench Top: Having a good bench top is essential in a garden center. While wood-grain tabletops may look rustic and aesthetically pleasing, a smooth surface is the way to go for true gardeners. When soil and dirt spills onto the surface, it won't get caught in the grooves and can be easily swept away. 

72 inches wide ($34.97).
ClosetMaid; www.closetmaid.com

Garage Cabinets

5. Cabinets: While open storage in the kitchen may be great for displaying pretty bowls and plates, closed cabinets are a must for bulky garden supplies that are covered in dirt. Look for inexpensive cabinets with enough space for large buckets and pots. If you're painting a set of cabinets, we recommend using a glossy sheen, which is traditionally easier to wipe clean. 

Base cabinets, from left, $109 and $89.
ClosetMaid; www.closetmaid.com

New Garden Center Costs

Price Breakdown:
Slotwall Panels (2) $58
Baskets (2) $32.98
Hooks (3) $20.97
Bench Top $34.97
Cabinets (2) $198


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