A Before and After Garage Makeover Featuring a Functional Family Space

Assigning a job to each wall gives this one-car garage smart function and style—plus room to actually park the car inside.

Parking in this garage was nearly impossible before this impressive remodel. The kids couldn't access their toys, a cabinet door hit the garage door track and couldn't fully open, and the walls and floor were stained and in desperate need of repair.

The family maximized the storage capabilities of each wall and removed their bulky overhead garage opener. This helped change their garage from a dumping ground to a space with room to house their vehicle. Take a look at these amazing before and after garage makeover photos for inspiration on how to clean up your garage and make it a functional space.

Before the makeover, a corner cabinet lacked organization, and large tools leaned haphazardly against the wall. Painting the walls gave the space a more inviting feel, and a new epoxy finish made the concrete floor easier to clean. Open shelves with labeled bins now group products by activity, so it's easy to grab everything needed for planting bulbs or washing the car.

blue garage makeover tour after door opener close up

A wall-mount garage door opener frees space near the ceiling for storage. This way, the ceiling was opened up to install a pair of storage lifts for bulky and seasonal items. With everything having its own place, the family can store a lot more in their garage.

Moving the bikes from the back of the garage to a tiered rack near the front eliminated the problem of hitting bike handles with car doors. A ball net attached to the new rail-and-hook storage system makes it easy for the kids to play and put basketballs away.

blue garage makeover tour after mud room area hooks storage

Near the door, a simple series of hooks and a bench with a shoe rack keep wet or snow-covered outerwear out of the house. This way, the family avoids trudging mud or snow through the house.

blue garage makeover tour after tools storage wall cupboards

Slats below the wall cabinets offer flexible storage options for tools. The open space below the workbench is an ideal parking spot when recharging the kids' toys.

Bonus: Now there's no excuse not to put them away!

Ceiling-mounted storage lifts stow bulky items off the floor but keeps them easy to lower when needed. Overhead storage is also great for stashing seasonal items like patio chair cushions. A pendant adds task lighting where the garage door opener once was and personality to this family-friendly garage. Hooks slide smoothly in and out of the new rail system, ensuring the ability to update storage for future needs.

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