What Goes with Dark Floors?

Dark floors: Some people love them and some people hate them. Here are four ways to decorate dark floors, whether they're your first choice or not.

living room

Vamp up your door and window trim, floor molding, and crown molding by making them thicker. Add built-ins and beautiful doors. Then, paint them white. This will brighten up your space and provide a beautiful contrast to dark floors. Gorgeous architecture always captures the eye.

2. Introduce More White

Living room

The simplest solution for working with dark floors is to add more white to your space through architecture, furniture, pillows, rugs, window treatments, and painted white cabinetry. Including white in your space will actually make your dark floors into a favorite feature, as they will now provide the perfect backdrop for your white and bright decor.

3. Contrast with Pale Wood

Sink, cabinets

Are you a pale wood junkie, and you wish your floors were light and bright? Believe in the power of contrasts; allow your dark floors to make your pale wood furnishings pop into the foreground. Begin choosing pale wood pieces that will give that light wood feel to your home.

4. Incorporate Cheerful Colors

Cool Down

Another way to make your dark floors work for you is by adding cheerful colors to your decor choices. If you are fearless enough to choose an upholstered piece in a bold color, it will really serve to draw the attention in your space.

Working Around Dark Floors

yellow kitchen island

In this kitchen, the bright yellow island is the showstopper. Also, the addition of white paint, cabinetry, and architecture makes the room so bright, you never notice the dark flooring.

Your dark floors may seem like a decorating obstacle. But in actuality, they will serve as the perfect contrast to "pop" the light and bright looks that you love so much. Once you add bright features to your home, your dark floors may become one of your favorite design features.

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