Unsure about investing in the laminate flooring trend? Check out these laminate innovations that will have you doing a double take. Easy on the budget and the eyes.

By Ali Hanson
April 08, 2016

Over the years, laminate flooring has really upped its game to include beautiful textures and patterns. Styles like this rustic barnwood look give us major floor envy.

Price: $1.89/sq. ft.

2. Easy Installation

With laminate flooring there's no need for messy grout or concrete. Bonus: It can be completed in a day's work, perfect for homeowners who love a DIY project.

Price: $0.99/sq. ft. or $18.26/case

3. Convenient Tear-Up

When you decide to switch up your floor, laminate is easy to tear up as there is no adhesive or grout keeping it down. Just rip up the sections piece by piece after taking off the baseboards and/or shoe molding.

Price: $1.49/sq. ft.

4. Scratch Resistance

You will be amazed just how well laminate flooring will hold up! It's perfect for high-traffic areas and is scratch-resistant, ideal for a pet-friendly home.

Price: $3.79/sq. ft.

5. Versatility

Laminate flooring is so much more than imitation wood. Today, you can choose from a rich variety of colors, patterns, and textures to create a space that fits your style.

Price: $4.06/sq. ft.

6. Ease of Cleaning

We love laminate floors for their smooth edges and durability, which make them a breeze to clean. Need we say more?

Price: $2.58/sq. ft.

7. Budget-Friendly Price

Style for a steal—these laminate flooring picks are easy on your wallet but hold great value. You can't go wrong!

Price: $0.99/sq. ft.

8. Anti-Allergy Qualities

You learn something new every day! Laminate flooring is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria, a great alternative for anyone with allergies. And of course it's easy to sweep up those pesky dust bunnies.

Price: $2.29/sq. ft.

9. Durability

If your house undergoes changes in pressure and temperature, laminate flooring can expand and contract with no consequence of cracking or buckling. You also won't need to worry about fading due to UV exposure.

Price: $3.86/sq. ft.


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