Floating Floors

An engineered floor is the best solution over a concrete subfloor.

Q: I want to put a wood floor over a concrete subfloor in my house. A friend told me to use solid wood because it is higher quality and can be refinished. But I have also heard that a "floating" floor has advantages if the subfloor is concrete. Which would be better?

A: Even when you live in the desert, a concrete floor is going to be a wick for moisture. Because wet wood expands, you're going to have problems with a solid floor. A floating floor is a better solution. Floating floors are made from engineered wood strips that snap together and require no adhesives. They float freely on top of a subfloor.

There are several advantages to a floating floor:

  • A plastic membrane, which serves as a barrier against moisture invasion, is placed between the concrete and the flooring.
  • The unattached flooring allows some movement.
  • Engineered-wood flooring is much more stable and moisture-resistant than solid wood.

Installation of this prefinished flooring is fast and easy, and can be done by most do-it-yourselfers.


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