Zigzagging chevrons -- whether rendered in stone, wood, tile, or paint -- create dramatic floors that always grab attention.
Chevron flooring

On trend and quickly growing in popularity, thoughtfully designed chevron floors stop visitors in their tracks. The dynamic pattern supplies a fitting foundation for looks ranging from contemporary cool to timelessly traditional. Chevrons -- triangles created by abutting the angled edges of rectangular tiles or planks against each other -- and their herringbone cousin bring a sense of movement and noteworthy dimension to public and private spaces. Here's a look at beautiful chevron floors that will simply floor you!

A Lesson in Contrast

James Bond decor

Chevrons make a standout statement in a streamlined kitchen. This floor's natural wood tones and notable chevron pattern stand in striking contrast to the cabinets' vertical grain and dark gray finish. The warm flooring takes the chill of the kitchen's sleeker surfaces. These chevrons boast a broad base, which gives them a more progressive profile; chevrons with a narrower base provide contours well-suited to classic interiors.

Optical Illusion

white bathroom vanity

Striped tiles in varying shades of gray and white align in a look-at-me floor that visually widens this master bathroom's vanity area. More herringbone than true chevron, the patterns overlap to create a basket-weave effect that accentuates the vanity's clean lines. Like a floor that's less busy? Lay out a pattern using only one color of tile and matching grout to create an easy-on-the-eye surface that allows furnishings to advance into view.

Wave Action

aqua and white kitchen cabinets

Noteworthy chevron bands flow across this kitchen floor and contribute movement to a small but hardworking space. The broadly angled chevrons are an unexpected element that gives the vintage cottage kitchen a refreshingly modern countenance. The floor's earthen hues anchor the room's buoyant white surfaces, while the wavy chevrons visually expand the space. An easy way to get a similar look? Paint rows of darker or lighter chevrons across an existing wood, cork, or vinyl floor.

Fetching Framework

white bathroom

Chevrons rendered in neutral hues, naturally finished planks, or same-color stone please the eye without disrupting a room's peaceful vibes. In this spa-like bathroom, the medium-tone chevron flooring showcases an inset band of lighter octagonal tiles that highlight a sculptural soaking tub. When insetting a band of tiles, choose tile combinations that pick up on adjacent flooring colors to ensure an appealing transition between different materials.

Smart Shapes


When creating chevron or herringbone patterns with tile, opt for wide grout lines in a high-contrast color to accentuate your artistic arrangement. By connecting long narrow rectangle tiles with short, broader tiles, this floor amplifies the impact of terra-cotta while emphasizing each tile's form with bright white grout. The asymmetrical shapes (arranged in a symmetrical manner) create a cobblestonelike floor that underscores this kitchen's old- world leanings.

New Directions


Much like parquet floors, chevron floors introduce notable dimension and interesting patterns in refined ways. Chevrons can be seen and appreciated without disrupting spaces designed for working, creating, and relaxing. These chevrons, which mirror the shape of the white-painted bricks and the room's darker surfaces, direct attention to the eating area, French doors, and patio views beyond. When designing a chevron floor, think of chevrons as arrows that can be pointed towards the areas or structures that you want to showcase.

The Power of Wow

Chevron floor

Cued by progressive gray finishes, stainless-steel surfaces, and white ceiling and window trim, this marble tiled floor packs plenty of pizzazz. The tiles are large, striped, reflective, and arranged in vivacious V-shapes that practically demand applause. The coolest thing about this chevron floor? The stripes in the tiles reiterate the chevron's geometry, producing a chevron-on-chevron illusion that magnifies the floor's captivating qualities.


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