Choosing the right siding color and materials for your home is an important first step toward increasing its curb appeal and value. Finding the perfect siding to complement your home and personal style is easy when you use our helpful tricks and expert tips. Start by browsing our siding material guides to learn the ins and outs of putting your home's best face forward.

How to Remove Siding and Repair Sheathing

If you've found a section of sheathing that has succumbed to rot, it's in your best interest to fix it right away.
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What You Need to Know About Siding and Framing

Before you install new siding, make sure you understand your walls. We'll walk you through different types of siding, veneers, and framing so you can start your next project with confidence.
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How to Repair Vinyl Siding

These easy repairs are crucial for any homeowner with vinyl siding. You'll learn how to make a small patch and replace a panel.
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Get to Know the Different Types of Panel Siding

Panel siding is pretty basic, but there are a few different types to choose from. Learn which one is best for your next project with this handy guide.
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How to Repair Lap Siding

Wood siding holds so much character, but it can also be prone to rotting and cracks. Learn how to quickly fix these problems yourself.
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How to Repair Siding

No matter the type of siding you have on your home, this guide will help you repair it. Learn about lap siding, vinyl siding, stucco, and more.
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More Siding

Exterior Color Combinations Done Right

Getting ready to paint your home's exterior? Find our favorite exterior color schemes and tips for picking house paint colors. This appealing array of homes combine paint colors in charmingly impactful ways.
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Pick the Perfect Color for Your House

Choosing the right color for the exterior of your home is no easy task. No matter your taste and the style of your house, be inspired by these beautiful combinations.
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An Introduction to Installing Siding

If you're building or remodeling your home's exterior, you know how important it is to pick the right siding. We'll show you all the options, plus explain how to install them yourself.