Ready to give your home a fresh new look? See how to dial up curb appeal with fresh color combinations, and use these simple tips to transform your home's exterior with paint.

By Sydney Price

Eye-catching exterior color schemes boost curb appeal and can instantly take your home from blah to Instagram-worthy. Use color to emphasize special architectural features, complement the surrounding landscape, or make a style statement. Switching up your home exterior can be a big commitment, so first check out how three homes with different styles used color to their advantage. These tips are sure to make visitors stop and stare.

home with peach siding and wraparound porch

Don’t: Ignore Color Potential

There’s nothing wrong with classic neutrals, but a hint of color might be just the thing you need to take your home exterior from average to showstopping. This farmhouse-style home still has some traditional white elements but boasts a sunny apricot hue that contrasts its dark green metal sheet roofing. The yellow undertones read as warm and welcoming.

Do: Play with Texture

A mix of flat and shiny finishes adds visual interest to a home and provides contrast even if the base colors are in the same family. It’s best to use matte finishes on the walls of your home and glossy ones to make decorative elements such as millwork stand out. Light reflects off high-sheen paint and draws the eye to architectural elements.

Do: Use Repetition

Repeat colors on a home's exterior for a cohesive look. A gray-green paint was used on both the window sashes and the front door of this home. The shade pops against the paler yellow exterior without overtaking it. It also reflects the hue of the sheet roofing, successfully tying the façade together.

A New Generation

Do: Trust Nature’s Color Combinations

Your landscape can give you a lot of clues about what will look good on your home. Whether it's the rich shades of green in summer or the red, brown, and golden shades of autumn, Mother Nature knows a thing or two about coordinating colors. Here, green, brown, and copper tones play nice on this home’s exterior.

Don't: Be Too Matchy-Matchy

Too much coordination will make your house look featureless and boring. To avoid this, pick a color for your front door that will contrast with your main siding color but ties back into another element. The rich reddish-brown stain on this door subtly mirrors the copper roofing panels.

home exterior

Do: Use Dark Colors with Purpose

Too much dark paint can weigh down the front of your house and make it look gloomy. Here’s the trick for achieving balance: Paint about two-thirds of the exterior in a dark hue and one-third in a lighter tone. A deep brown with lots of white accents keeps things light while still providing plenty of contrast.

Don't: Underestimate Wood Finishes

Wood stains come in a huge range of options and can warm up or cool down other exterior colors. Both the roof and the deck of this house feature warm wood tones, which prevent the high-contrast brown-and-white front from feeling too stark.


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