Selling your home? The experts at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate say these projects make the best outdoor investments.

By Kit Selzer
Restore a Lawn with New Sod
Photo by Kim Cornelison

The smallest details of a home's upkeep can make all the difference to a potential home buyer. Make these small updates to make a good impression without having to do a complete exterior overhaul. Most of these updates are quick and affordable, so you can get them done in a weekend.

1. Keep Landscaping Simple

Front entrance to house, sidewalk lined with hostas and shrubs

Most buyers want low-maintenance plantings. Hosta and daylilies are hearty perrenial options for simple landscaping. Putting down mulch or groundcover also makes for easy upkeep. If you want to go with something temporary, put colorful annuals in pots. Add mulch, pull weeds, and trim hedges around the yard for a clean and effortless look.

2. Fix Damaged Siding

house exterior

Residing can be a long and often pricey process. Show buyers that your siding is in good shape by repairing any cracks, missing pieces, and surface chips. For a fresh look without painting, consider a professional pressure wash. If the exterior is brick, fix thinning areas of mortar.

3. Dress Up Your Front Door

front door

A new coat of paint in a color other than white or black makes it memorable for potential buyers. Go with a color that stands out, but also complements the style of the home. Replace the handle if it's tarnished or looks dated. Spray paint the handle if it just needs a quick update. Accessories like door numbers and knockers give a welcoming feeling, so play up the hardware.

4. Repair Windows


Even a little damage on one window gives the impression that there could be more problems. A few quick fixes will reassure buyers that the windows are nothing to worry about. Fix caulking around frames and glazing on panes for a like-new look. Replace cracked or foggy windows to make the best impression. If there are built-in window boxes, repair them and give them a fresh coat of paint. Then fill with pretty annuals.


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