6 Ways to Update the Exterior of Your Home in a Weekend

Weekend Curb Appeal

In just two days, you can add impressive (and inexpensive!) appeal to your home's exterior. With dedicated details and easy DIY solutions, our quick ideas for curb appeal will instantly brighten your residence.

A charming facade doesn't require a full-out facelift. Utilize the weekend to carry out one or all of the key details featured in this home's front yard. Stone pillars anchor a winding walkway that leads to an updated front door. Tailored landscaping provides the perfect setting for custom trim and a classic color palette.

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Charming Curves


Skip the straight lines; a winding path adds visual appeal to an otherwise ordinary yard. This curved walkway invites guests to the front door while making a serious streetside impact. Installing your own pathway can be done, but to ensure its longevity, it must be done right. The key is to start with a solid base. If you're installing brick, you'll need layers of soil, gravel, and sand before you even get to the pavers. See our how-to guide for full instructions.

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Inviting Entrance

Weekend Curb Appeal

For a little instant home love, upgrade existing columns with sophisticated stone veneers. The easy-to-install material comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to suit any architecture. Once you've picked a veneer, prepare the surface of the columns, apply stone with mortar, and seal joints with grout. Finish the look with lush containers of colorful foliage.

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Front Door Facelift

Weekend Curb Appeal

Transform your front door into a focal point by applying a fresh coat of paint or color stain. Get started by removing the door and its hardware. Clean the door, then apply a primer. Paint any raised or depressed panels with a foam brush, then apply paint to the rest of the door with a roller. Let dry, apply a second coat, then let dry completely before reattaching hardware and hanging. Finish the look with coordinating hardware, including the lockset, mailbox, and address numbers.

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Architectural Accents

Weekend Curb Appeal

Get a custom look for less by adding a rich stain and iron S-shape holdbacks to existing shutters. The warm wood and dark iron pop against neutral shingles and stone. If you don't already have shutters, add them in a weekend. Simply join cedar boards together, prime and paint desired shade, and install. Add a window box full of fresh blooms for easy, classic appeal.

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Playful Palette

Weekend Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint can make even the most dated home feel new, and painting your home's exterior isn't as difficult as it sounds. The most important part is prep. Start by applying a mildew treatment, then pressure wash the entire house. You'll need to remove any loose paint, replace any rotting wood, and apply a stain-blocking primer. When you've finished prepping, make sure you use a high-quality paint—you don't want to have to redo all of your hard work sooner than necessary! When picking paint colors, opt for a creamy white trim to emphasize architectural details. Make windows pop by painting the frame a pale blue.

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Fresh Foliage

Weekend Curb Appeal

Frame your home's exterior with a garden bed that will make neighbors green with envy. Mix plant sizes, textures, and color for visual interest and complete with a streamlined stone border. Look for hearty plants that will look good most of the year, such as evergreens. Also include a container garden that can be updated with each change of season.

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