22 Most-Pinned Curb Appeal Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Look

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These reader-favorite entries, facades, and porches supply creative ways to improve your home's street-facing outlook.

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Curve Appeal

Lily-of-the-valley works greatfor edging walkways.

Life is about appreciating the journey, so make sure you provide pleasurable passage from curb to door. Densely packed hosta and boxwoods create verdant bands that emphasize this walkway's curves. Throw some curves into your walkways to slow guests' travels and allow them time to appreciate your home and gardens.

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Chic Decor

home exterior

Just steps from the public sidewalk, porch stairs direct the eye upward to beautifully accessorized alfresco spaces. Striped paper lanterns, which repeat the home's black-and-white palette, demand notice. Fabric panels open and close to separate the porch's front and side sections and to regulate light and privacy.

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Shades and Shapes

exterior lighting

Play up the angles to create memorable monochromatic facades. Look closely and you'll see what BHG readers appreciated about this entry porch. Light taupe horizontal bricks contrast with arched doors painted a medium taupe, while vertical shutters present the palette's deepest tone in an impactful manner.

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Fab Front Door

home exterior

A favorite of BHG readers on Pinterest, this exterior calls out a convivial "come on in." The bright red door highlighted by white trim immediately tells arriving guests where to enter.

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Bonus: No-Fail Door Colors

Take the guesswork out of choosing a front door color with these foolproof hues.

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Walk This Way


This entryway does everything right. Centered on steps ascending to the deck, the brick walkway draws eyes and foot traffic to the home's entry point. Clipped boxwoods and a well-tended lawn define walk edges; blousy hydrangeas and potted plants give visitors lovely things to look at as they stroll up the garden path.

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Bonus: Improve Your Walkway

Instantly improve your home's appeal with a better walkway -- watch and learn how!

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Traditional Charm

A New Generation

Circular drives attract plenty of attention. This curving driveway carries attention from street to house and provides doorside parking and easy egress from the home. BHG readers also appreciated the home's copper gutters, chimney cap, and flashing details, and that the front door picked up these coppery tones.

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Gorgeous Garden

Home exterior with container garden on porch

A garden's worth of high-impact containers make the most of a simple wraparound deck. The home's neutral siding highlights the colorful array, which is artistically arranged in a way that doesn't block windows or passage onto the deck.

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Initial It

Monogram wreath

This lushly planted letter made many a BHG reader smile. Painted the same color as the front door, the K provides a foundation for succulents and acts as a monogram that identifies the homeowners.

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Stepped-Up Style

Nod to Nantucket

Shaped hedges, vividly upholstered furniture, flagstone walks, and a pergola-capped patio handsomely fill the space between the vivacious front door and the street. When designing your front entry, consider ways to create a landscape and outdoor living areas that capture passersby attention and visually engage your guests on every step of their curb-to-door crossings.

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Flower-Powered Porch


Passersby and BHG readers slow down to better enjoy this fetching front porch, cultivated by plant-savvy homeowners with a penchant for color. Planters spilling over with annuals mirror the color of flowers growing in foundation borders to make the home appear as if it were an extension of the landscape.

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True Color

home exterior

Outfit your home's exterior with hues and materials that match its historical counterparts to create instant curb appeal. This Craftsman home sports emblematic red-brick piers and cedar shingles. The green shingles reference the surrounding foliage, but present the luxuriant hue in a lighter shade to ensure the home is easily noticed from the street.

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Captivatingly Cottage

contemporary cottage with orange door

Deserving a standing ovation, this convivial abode beguiles with a winning combination of Southern character, farmhouse details, open-air spaces, and a surprisingly progressive palette. Give your exterior comparable panache by painting the front door and shutters in complementary colors of similar intensity that explode off neutral siding.

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Open-Air Delight

Home with front porch and red door

BHG readers love finely furnished front porches. But porches can be shadowy places if not treated correctly. Keep the feeling bright by painting porch trim and ceilings white to amplify spatial perceptions and reflect natural light. Bring the front door out of the shadows by painting it a flamboyant hue.

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Striking Symmetry

home exterior

This Federalist-style exterior pleases the eye because the elements on the facade immediately make sense to the observer. Symmetrically set windows highlighted with black shutters align around a centrally set front door. Ornate molding lends a sense of importance to the entry, which is reinforced by the navy blue door and black-iron light fixtures.

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Simply Lovely

Front door, entry, entryway, porch

Gray continues as America's favored neutral. This entryway showcases the color's many attributes: warm grays emit welcoming qualities, complement most colors (including lime green!), and work with styles from classic to contemporary. This porch gained extra points and pins for its geometrically pleasing mix of horizontal cedar shingles, vertical-paneled sidelights, and interestingly patterned brick floors.

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Vintage Americana

Farmhouse Front Doors

BHG readers love this porch for its patriotic nuances, rural references, and old-fashioned charm. Offer a similar "sit awhile" invite by softening a vintage glider or a porch swing with vibrant coverlets or quilts. Personalize the setting with meaningful signage, period-apt collections, and pots of color-coordinated blooms that draw attention to the front door.

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Glammed-Up Garage

Garage Door

An entrancing garage entrance accented with rooster-tail rafters meant to support clambering roses captivated BHG readers' attention. Opt for similarly distinctive doors and architecturally apt details to ensure your garage reads as part of your house rather than a utilitarian afterthought.

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Eye Candy

home exterior

A single shot of turquoise energizes this home's wood-shingled exterior and amplifies its curb appeal. Make your front door a focal point by painting it a cheerful color that advances from the facade. Paint the surrounding trim bright white or a color that contrasts with the siding and the door to further emphasize your home's main entry point.

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Pop of Color

Orange exterior front door

A chromatic door and a kaleidoscopic area rug notify folks they've arrived at a free-spirited home. BHG readers love the color courage of these homeowners and how they repeated the citrusy tones as flowers in door-framing planters. Not ready to commit to an orange door? Invest in vibrantly glazed planters or fun doormats to give entries a boost.

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White Done Right

home exterior

White paint lets this home's columns, porch railings, and window and door trim advance into view. The bright finishes showcase the maroon front door, highlight black house numbers, and make details pop, which lets the earth-tone facade stand out from its natural surroundings.

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