How to Install a Window Box

Add curb appeal by installing flower boxes (ready-made or from a kit) to your windows. Learn how to do it in three easy steps.

DIY Window Box

Window boxes add charm to any exterior window. Not only do they give windows a nice finish, but they also bring gorgeous flowers up and into view from inside the home. Once they're installed, each year is a new planting possibility. Learn how to install a window box on your home's exterior for quick curb appeal.

Plants for Shady Window Boxes

What You Need

  • Pressure-treated 1x8-foot board cut to desired length
  • Painter's tape
  • Marker
  • (2) brackets
  • (2) corbels (optional)
  • Hex screws
  • Power screwdriver
  • Handheld screwdriver
  • Planter box
  • Potting mix and plants as desired

Step 1: Attach Board to Studs

DIY Window Box

Cut a pressure-treated 1x8-foot board to the length of the window box minus two inches. Attach the wood board to studs. The bottom of the window box will be half an inch below the bottom edge of the board—decide on the height of the board based on where you want the bottom of the window box to sit.

Editor's Tip: For the best visual effect, your window box should be at least as wide as the window but should not extend more than three inches beyond the trim on each side. 

Step 2: Attach Brackets and Corbels

DIY Window Box

Attach brackets six inches in from each end of the wood board to hold the box. For architectural flair, add decorative corbels (painted or stained the same color as the window box) to the bottom of the brackets. 

Step 3: Secure Window Box

DIY Window Box

Set the box into the brackets, making sure it is seated properly before planting into it. Fill the window box with high-quality potting mix; add plants. For a dynamic window box look, go for a mix of tall and trailing plants for a variety of heights and textures.

Sunny Window Box Inspiration


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