How to Install Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Upgrade your curb appeal in a couple of hours with this simple DIY trick.

renovated garage door with decorative hardware
Project Overview
  • Working Time: 2 hours
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Skill Level: Beginner

If your home is like most American's, the garage door is likely the largest entrance to your home. In most newer developments, the garage is oftentimes the most prominent feature, sticking out in front of the home. Make a statement and add instant charm to your garage door with these three simple additions to make it look like a high-end, custom door. A decorative garage door handle and hinges add carriage-style charm while faux window panes will fool even your nosiest neighbors. See how we installed all three elements in just a couple of hours with a few basic tools. If you can use a drill, you can check this project off your to-do list in no time.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Cordless drill
  • 1/8-inch drill bit


  • Faux window kit with provided hardware, we used Coach House Accents
  • Decorative hardware kit with provided hardware, we used Coach House Accents


  1. Mark Placement of Garage Door Decorative Hardware

    Locate the flat, horizontal surface of your garage door panel. Place hinge at the center of that area, aligned with the right side of the garage. It should be placed several inches in from the edge. Once you're happy with the placement, use a pencil to mark where the holes are to attach the hinge. Remove the hinge and use a level to test alignment.

    Purchase the same kit that we used here ($48, Amazon)

  2. Pilot Holes And Install Decorative Hardware

    Use a 1/8-inch drill bit to drill pilot holes at the pencil marks you just made. Hold hinge up to the holes and fasten the hinges to the garage door with 1-1/2-inch screws. Repeat with hinges in all three remaining corners.

  3. mark door with pilot hole placement

    Measure Placement of Garage Door Handles

    Locate the flat vertical panel down the center of your garage door. If this section is seven inches or wider, you will use two handles. If smaller than seven inches, use just one. Hold the garage door handle (or handles) up to where you want it located. Use a pencil to mark where the screw holes should be placed on the garage door.

  4. Drill Holes for Garage Door Handles

    Use the 1/8-inch drill bit to drill pilot holes in the garage door where you marked with a pencil. Hold the garage door handle up to the door so the holes are aligned, and secure with the screws provided in your handle kit. If you're using two handles, repeat on the second side.

  5. measure center panel of garage door

    Measure Placement for Garage Door Windows

    Before you begin, measure the garage door panel or panels to make sure the faux window panels will fit properly. The garage door panels should not exceed 45-1/2-inches wide or 16-5/8-inches tall. If you have a single car garage, use one window kit. Use two window kits for a two-car garage.

    Purchase the same kit that we used here.

  6. detail shot of pilot hole for handle

    Drill Holes for Garage Door Windows

    Hold the faux window panel up to the garage door. Once in place, mark drill holes with a pencil. Remove window pane and use a 1/8-inch drill bit to drill holes in the marked locations.

  7. Install Garage Door Windows

    Remove protective plastic film from the window, if applicable. Push eight of the screws provided through the holes on the window pane. From the opposite side of the window, slide rubber washers over the screws, about 1/4 of an inch away from the screw's head.

    Hold the entire window panel up the garage door, aiming to align the screws with the pilot holes. The washers will help prevent the screws from falling out as you get situated. Without overtightening, use the drill to drive the screws into place. Repeat entire process on second panel, if necessary.

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