Exterior Paint Colors with Brick

Brick is used for a variety of home styles including traditional and contemporary, and it can look great when accented with paint on homes. Here are excellent ideas for exterior paint colors with brick.

Brick offers a great advantage for home facades: It typically needs no repainting or restaining. But most brick homes still have spots that require paint -- window trim, doors, and soffits, to name just a few. Here are our top tips and ideas for exterior paint colors that coordinate with brick.

Here's how color schemes work Think about the color schemes you find most pleasing. What do you like about them? What doesn't work? Those that you admire probably have a basis in color wheel rules, particularly analogous or complementary color combinations. In analogous color schemes, you pick one main color and accent it with the colors to either side of the main color on the color wheel -- for example, yellow with green and orange. Complementary color schemes work because they include colors that are across from each other on the color wheel -- blue and orange, for example.

Most exterior facades have a palette that combines three colors in just-right proportions. That's known as the 60/30/10 rule: 60 percent of the paint is one dominant color, 30 percent is a secondary hue, and 10 percent is an accent color. In many cases with brick homes, the color of the brick itself will end up being the dominant color.

What color is the brick? Bricks come in a variety of styles and hues, including streamlined neutrals and more exuberant reds. And, even within a single type, bricks vary in color from one brick to the next. Before you choose exterior paint colors with brick, you'll need to determine the colors that are inherent to your brick. Some red brick, for example, might have more brown undertones, while others might lean more purple. You can help determine the basis for your brick by holding up paint swatches in a range of colors to see what stands out.

Whatever colors are fundamental to your brick will help you determine paint colors to include in your scheme.

What color are the windows and roof, as well as any nonbrick materials? The items that are part of your home will also end up being part of your color scheme. The roof, for example, is a dominant element that, depending on its color, might be a key factor in choosing the rest of the palette. A red brick home with a black roof establishes two of the main colors already in the home.

Some brick homes have a facade that includes another material -- stucco, for example. So, the brick might hold less color dominance. The landscape will end up determining how your brick color scheme looks, too: Lots of flowers and colors might require a palette that's more neutral, while a mostly green yard might benefit from a home that includes strategic pops of brighter hues.

Great color accents for brick While brick varies immensely, a few of our favorite traditional accent color combos include:

• Yellow plus cream

• Charcoal plus light gray

• Sage green plus taupe

• Plum plus cream or taupe

• Stained wood trim plus medium red

• Rich green plus gray

• Cool gray plus cool green

• Forest green plus black

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