18 Front Entryway Ideas to Make an Inviting First Impression

Greet guests with a welcoming entryway that makes them feel right at home.

columns home exterior
Photo: Greg Schiedemann

These front entryway ideas will boost your home's home's first impression. Ensure the first place people see in your home looks its best with simple updates and DIY projects. These easy projects, including outdoor decorating and landscaping tips, will up your home's curb appeal with a more inviting appearance.

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Front Entry Update

front of house with two section door
Ed Gohlich

Change up the look of your home's facade by switching out your front door. Here, a matte black Dutch door adds contemporary flair to a cottage-style home. Glass panels on the top half welcome natural light inside the house even when the door is closed.

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Entryway House Numbers

house numbers planter
Carson Downing

Replace run-of-the-mill house numbers is an eye-catching front entryway idea. This DIY house number planter combines stained cedar planks, modern metal numbers, and lush succulent plantings for a unique front door display. Make sure the numbers are at least 4 inches tall so they're easily visible from the street.

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Front Entry Walkway

home exterior
Edward Gohlich

Guide guests to the front door from the street or driveway with a clearly marked and well-maintained path. Power-wash the walkway periodically to keep it clear of dirt and debris. In addition to a welcome mat, consider laying down a larger outdoor rug to give the front porch a more polished look.

Another front entryway idea? Swap house numbers for letters, spelling out your address if space allows.

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Front Entryway Paint Colors

green front door
Peter Krumhardt

A splash of bright, bold paint that contrasts with your home's siding and trim is an easy front entryway idea for a revamp. Against the white facade, this spring-green door cheerfully leads visitors inside. Consider the style and materials of your home to choose the best front door color.

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Front Entryway Ideas for Landscaping

home exterior
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Cut back overgrown plantings that block views of the front door or spill over onto walkways. To keep landscaping under control, focus your gardening efforts on a few key areas that offer the most impact. Flowers and plants in containers are easy to maintain and can be rearranged anytime.

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Front Entryway Smart Tech

exterior gray siding navy front door porch
Adam Albright

Today's smart technology extends to outdoor products, including lighting, doorbells, hardware, locks, security cameras, and more. Keep track of packages with a doorbell that doubles as a video camera, or let the babysitter in with door hardware that allows remote access via phone app, a one-time code, or fingerprint entry. Coordinate the finishes on your exterior technology—the matte black on this home's sconce, doorbell, and hardware match its modern facade—for a cohesive front entry.

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Front Entry Steps

Front of white house with pink front door
John Bessler

Use paint to add interest to ho-hum concrete steps with a creative front door entryway idea. Start by painting concrete steps a solid color; use a concrete-sealing primer and non-skid concrete paint. Once dry, select a contrasting paint color to fashion a faux stair runner.

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Front Door Makeover

brick steps white home porch teal front door
Anthony Masterson

Paint isn't the only way to add interest to your front door. Installing trim is a front entryway idea that adds architectural character. This curb appeal project works especially well with flat doors; add simple plywood paneling or picture molding for a DIY paneled makeover.

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Front Entry Decorating

Worldly Influenced Front Door
Mark Lohman

A front entryway is a prime location to splurge on attractive decorating features. Choose a few attention-grabbing elements, such as stylish outdoor lighting, a richly stained wood front door, or colorful step tiles. With these front entryway ideas, you don't need much to achieve a polished look (and impress potential buyers in the future).

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Front Entryway Architecture

close up of house numbers
Janet Mesic-Mackie

Research your home's style and add appropriate architectural details such as decorative brackets, moldings, columns, and trim. If you already have those elements, bolster their appeal by giving them a fresh coat of paint or stain. Choosing a contrasting color for the trim can make these architectural details really pop.

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Cohesive Front Entry

front door of brick home
Stacey Branford

A well-planned front entryway idea creates a cohesive look with the rest of your home's exterior design. In this front entry, the arched window above the door is a prominent design element reappearing in the overhang. You can also apply this concept when choosing outdoor planters or patio furniture.

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Front Entry Landing Spot

front steps of home
Ed Gohlich

Outfit your front entryway with weather-resistant patio furniture to create a cozy outdoor room. A bistro set is an easy addition for any porch size and a perfect spot to relax outdoors with a cup of coffee. A welcoming wreath and pendant lighting overhead rounds out this front porch design.

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Front Door Entryway Ideas

columns home exterior
Greg Schiedemann

Open up your front entry with full-length windows on both sides of your door. This lets additional light into your home, making your entryway seem larger. Choose a window grid design that works with your home's architectural style.

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Front Entry Walkway Ideas

White house stone sidewalk
James Nathan Schroder

A stone walkway adds texture and character to a front yard; you can build one on a weekend. The path should be 3-4 feet wide, so two people can walk side by side. If you have an existing walkway in good shape, consider lining the edges with mulch and shrubs to define the pathway.

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Front Entry Lighting

home exterior
Alise O'Brien

Good outdoor lighting is a must for both convenience and safety. Consider motion-sensing lights near the front door for added security. Use low-voltage lights to illuminate pathways, and put lanterns on posts for general yard lighting.

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Easy Front Entry Landscaping

potted plants
Laurie Black

Placing containers of flowers is a front entryway idea that's an easy and inexpensive way to add a dose of eye-catching color. Vary the size and shape of containers to add interest. Another budget-friendly front door entryway idea is planting garden beds with a combination of perennials for color that lasts year after year.

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Front Entry Additions

home exterior
Michael Partenio

If you're ready for a significant exterior change, a porch remodel can give your front entry a completely new look. Consider adding a roof or awning over the front door for a smaller-scale addition. It will help keep rain or sun off visitors while they ring the bell (and off you while you fish for your keys).

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Front Entry Accessories

white home exterior close up
Emily Followill

Create a polished and sophisticated entry by choosing exterior elements in a similar style. Look for the same color or metal finish for your entrance hardware, door knockers, house numbers, mailboxes, and porch lights. Repeating shapes seen elsewhere on the facade, such as the diamond motif repeated on this exterior, can also help tie your front entry accessories together.

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