20 Easy Front Door Ideas to Make Your Entryway More Inviting

front of house with two section door
Photo: Ed Gohlich

Revamp your front door with one of these easy exterior updates. Our creative projects for house numbers, welcome mats, mailboxes, and more bring personality to your front stoop. These DIY front door ideas will help you get the best-looking entryway on the block.

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Switch Your Sconces

exterior front porch steps to navy blue door
Greg Scheidemann

Great lighting is essential to a welcoming entryway. For a quick DIY update to your front door, swap out existing sconces with fixtures that suit your home's style. Here, vintage-style lantern sconces play up a stone exterior and complement dark door trim. If your style is more modern, opt for outdoor light fixtures with a more contemporary shape.

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Add Potted Plants

front yard gray door
Jason Donnelly

Perk up your front door area with containers of pretty flowers. Add a topiary to vary the scale and incorporate an eye-catching sculptural element. If you have a covered porch, be sure to choose flowers that do well in the shade. You can even make your own house-number planter to bring greenery up to eye level.

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Hang a DIY Wreath

Letter K planter filled with succulents
Cameron Sadeghpour

Add personal style to your entry with a wreath hung on or next to your front door. Made of spray-painted cedar boards and chicken wire, this monogram planter makes an easy DIY project for your front door. Fill the interior with peat moss and succulents in various colors and textures.

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Add DIY Trim Around the Door

charcoal gray exterior view to porch
Brie Williams

Emphasize your front door with decorative trim. A contrasting border, like this white trim against a charcoal door, makes your entry stand out. Even better: Paint your existing trim a new color for a curb appeal project that's budget-friendly and can be finished in a day.

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Install a Dutch Door

front of house with two section door
Ed Gohlich

If you want the look of a cottage-style home but lack the budget for a complete exterior renovation, start with the front door. Dutch doors lend a welcoming air, and they're perfect for letting in the breeze on a warm summer day. Here, a matte black front door color modernizes this charming exterior.

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Paint Your Front Door Red

gray house with red door and white fence
Brie Williams

Looking for something to take your neutral home exterior from average to amazing? Try a bright, bold red door. This look works well with most home exteriors and attracts attention all the way from the sidewalk. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood with this daring front door color.

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Spell Out House Numbers

front of house with entryway
Ed Gohlich

Instantly modernize your home by changing the house numbers to words. Choose a spot with plenty of horizontal space, such as a portico, to mount the letter arrangement. Use a measuring tool and level to ensure evenly spaced letters.

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Add Style with Decorative Front Door Accents

covered porch with blue door
Jay Wilde

Combine a decorative door with elegant accents for a high-impact entry. Here, dark bronze and copper accents tie together the Craftsman lockset, modern-industrial sconce, sleek 1930s mailbox, and romantic planters. Florals on the bench pillow and doormat soften the entry's many angles.

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Add a DIY Front Door Treatment

closeup of blue geometric door
Jay Wilde

Draw eyes to the front door by decorating the surface. This DIY project forms a pattern using varying lengths of 3/4-inch screen molding. This lockset's clean lines and simple shape make it the ultimate accessory for this graphic, angular door.

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Mount Color-Coordinated House Numbers

house numbers on blue background
Jay Wilde

Upgrade your basic house numbers for a more attention-grabbing look. Create a DIY house number plaque using a piece of medium-density fiberboard. To tie in your entry's color palette, paint the backing to match your front door.

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Create a Midcentury Mod Entry

orange door in contemporary style
Jay Wilde

Give a lackluster entryway more spunk with midcentury modern style. Change out front door accessories, such as the doorknob, welcome mat, or mailbox, for a quick update that offers big style. Here, a starburst doorknob and polka-dot doormat reinforce the retro feel of this punchy crimson door.

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Choose a Door with Windows

closeup of orange door with diagonal windows
Jay Wilde

When updating an entrance, consider a new door with windows to enhance your exterior (and let more light into your entryway). Look to your home's style to help you determine which door style will work best. Angled windows in this door give an instant nod to this home's era.

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Incorporate Concrete Curb Appeal

large home address number
Jay Wilde

Easy-to-read house numbers are a must. Make DIY numbers with cast concrete to give your front door a cool, industrial style. Tip: Make sure your house numbers are at least 4-6 inches tall so they can easily be seen from the street.

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Decorate Your Front Door

front door with flower design
Jay Wilde

Nothing says "welcome" like larger-than-life blooms. To create this dramatic front door design, we resized a black-eyed Susan image to match the door's scale and added oversized house numbers in a funky font. A company that creates graphic vehicle wraps printed the image and adhered it to a solid-core door with heat (the same way they would attach it to a car).

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Refresh a Welcome Mat

grass painted welcome mat
Jay Wilde

Update a plain welcome mat with a custom paint job. Here, spray-painted blades of grass in varying shades of green form a fun, nature-inspired design. For clean lines, use a stencil or mark off your own pattern using painters tape.

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Play Up the Contrast

turquoise front door with decorative accent
Jason Donnelly

Contrasting colors can really make your front door pop. Upgrade your curb appeal by painting the front door a color that stands out against the exterior. This bright blue door with a nautical wreath cheerfully greets guests.

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Update Your Existing Door

yellow-green front door with large numbered address
Helen Norman

Take advantage of existing exterior features when refreshing your front door. This charming front door became a focal point with just a fresh coat of paint and an etched glass decal on the window. Oversize house numbers mounted on the door add to the upgrade.

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Use Analogous Colors

entryway with soft blue doorway
Brie Williams

For a quick refresh, accessorize your front stoop with colorful accents, such as plant pots, patio furniture, or a welcome mat. An analogous color scheme (made up of colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel) creates a high-energy, attractive entryway. The front door is dressed up with accessories in shades of blue, teal, and green, adding interest to the white-painted brick facade.

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Accessorize Your Front Door

yellow-green front door with wreath
Jason Donnelly

When a total makeover isn't in the budget, dress up your threshold in seasonal decor. For this welcoming springtime display, match a playful green door with a butterfly wreath. Switch up your accessories throughout the year to correspond with the seasons.

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Add Flowering Vines

rustic arched doorway in stone siding
Robert Brinson

Flowering vines around your front door can make your home look straight out of a fairytale. These climbers add color and texture to your exterior for a lush, bountiful effect. Mount lattice panels around your entry for an easy-install trellis.

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