Want to make the front of your house stand out? Try one -- or some -- of these here-to-stay and oh-so-cool curb appeal trends.
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No longer is a front yard just a staid spot for lawn. The newest curb appeal trends mean that you can transform your public landscape into a place of design appeal. Consider revamping your sidewalk -- here, long panels accented by horizontal insets -- as well as sculpture that integrates with shrubs, trees, and plants.

Vintage Flair

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Retro shows no sign of abating as a trend, and that's true for curb appeal, too. On a front entry, it can be used for plant display (here, a repurposed bar cart), fun planters (these are vintage pitchers), and personalized accents (a birdcage that's now a candle display).

Native Landscaping

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Decades ago, a lawn was pretty much a curb appeal requirement. No more: Water-conscious homeowners and local climates have pushed the curb appeal trends for front yards into an embrace of elements that work with sun, shade, and moisture limitations. Another nice element to that swing toward regional plantings? Hardscape that embraces a similar aesthetic -- here, a sidewalk that mimics the organic forms in the plantings.

Personalized Greenery

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Door wreaths are nothing new as a way to boost curb appeal. What is new? Wreaths that reflect a personalized approach to front door beauty. That might mean a vertical garden -- always a great way to maximize limited space -- or a wreath in a specialized shape, number, or letter.

Blooms, Blooms Everywhere

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Containers, window boxes, hanging baskets -- they've always been great ways to improve curb appeal. The latest home trends bring blooms to unexpected places and on other buildings -- here on the garage as window boxes and trailing along trellises.

Patterned Driveways


Long gone are the days of plain-Jane driveways made of uninspired slabs of asphalt or concrete. The newest drives boast pretty motifs made of decorative stampings, bricks, or other materials to add unusual, trendworthy curb appeal to houses of nearly any style.

Unique House Numbers

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One of the most welcome evolutions in homes has been the acceptance of a singular approach to design, including the embrace of unique colors and shapes. It's fun to put that into play to boost curb appeal, especially on the little accents such as house numbers. Here, the mosaic tile pattern offers an almost floral motif and a playful, happy pop of color, too.


New Sidewalk Strips

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Lawn used to be the only way to fill the piece of yard between road and sidewalk. The newest curb appeal trends implement something more interesting -- say, a unique collection of flowers, even a revamped approach to hardscaping. Here, square insets are surrounded by groundcover and small landscape pebbles for visual and material interest.

Shiny, Beautiful Hardware

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We so often take the extras for granted when it comes to boosting curb appeal. But beautifying curb appeal in ways that are both of-the-moment and long-lasting can come down to small details. A simple way to enhance your home is to install a new lock and door handle, and luckily there are lots of interesting options. This one mixes both modern-day materials (shiny chrome) and a nod to tradition (a clear door handle).

Super Cool Containers

flowers in tin

Sure, you could display a bright and charming collection of plants and flowers in ordinary plastic or terra-cotta containers. But you could also turn to a more stylish, trend-forward curb appeal idea -- materials or forms that are out of the ordinary. For example, galvanized metal makes an appearance in forms both tall and short, wide and narrow on this front entry. The statementworthy display of found branches -- sculptural, unique -- in one container adds a welcome twist to the typical plant display, too.

Front Yard as Gathering Spot

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Just a decade ago, the front yard was a place for a formal entrance to a home, while the back was the spot that families and visitors used to relax and socialize. That tradition has been flipped on its head with new curb appeal trends that embrace front yard living, including seating and tables that encourage gatherings both small and large.

An Individualized Door

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If your door is blah and boring, consider giving it a trendy boost that doesn't involve paint or stain. This homeowner enlarged a pretty image to fit the entry, then applied it to the door with exterior adhesive. Be sure to cut out spots for hardware and the peephole, too.

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    July 22, 2018
    We have a 1958 ranch, the front is so ugly, but I can't find any ideas for the style we have, Home sits crooked on corner lot, door almost faces the corner, but sidewalk faces garage on side of house. Door is slightly recessed with a marble planter in front of it. We started pulling some dead bushes that were there, but need ideas on how to make it more appealing
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    July 21, 2018
    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. We have a boxy two story beach ranch. We took away a number of ideas for our entry and gathering spaces. Thanks for the reminder about off season sales. It’s great fun to decorate and even better when items are on sale!
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    July 20, 2018
    Many are very lovely, however none fit our homes in Orange County, California. I keep hoping for more suggestions to help with our ranch type home.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    July 20, 2018
    Wonderful pics and ideas!!
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    July 12, 2018
    I really like all the ideas, but my comment relates to something my parents taught me- "If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing."
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    June 11, 2018
    I can't believe the bitchy comments!!! I liked almost everything. Even the flower door! I use to have tile numbers like those. Never a problem.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    May 11, 2018
    Yuck! These were really ugly.
    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    May 9, 2018
    While the unique house numbers idea is cute, but if you've called for an ambulance or fire dept., they need to be able to read your house numbers clearly.