20 Craftsman-Style Homes with Timeless Charm

Home Exterior with fence
Photo: Jon Jensen

Craftsman-style homes are known for their charming simplicity and custom details. Popularized during the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1800s, this hardworking architectural style is found especially in small, economical bungalows. This selection of unique Craftsman houses showcases rich character and timeless curb appeal.

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Craftsman House Features

fall foliage and gray home exterior with stone pillars
Anthony Masterson

As the name suggests, Craftsman houses are often celebrated for their craftsmanship. Historically constructed using locally sourced materials, the exteriors frequently feature decorative elements such as exposed beams, prominent columns, and stone accents. Inside, you'll often find custom details including built-in shelving, impressive fireplaces, and thick wood trim around doors and windows.

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Craftsman-Style Exteriors

Front gray house
Lisa Romerein

The Craftsman architectural style is generally considered a reaction against the eclectic, ornate look of Victorian-style homes. This simplified aesthetic commonly features horizontal lines, low-pitched gable roofs, and spacious covered front porches. These understated elements give the popular house style a timeless appearance.

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Craftsman House Columns

Gray brick house white trim sidewalk
Julie Soefer

Many Craftsman homes are easily recognizable by their square, tapered columns that support the covered front porch. This style of porch column is usually wider at the base than at the top and might feature carved details, as seen on this Craftsman bungalow. The design reinforces the traditional look of the exterior while offering sturdy support for the roof.

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Craftsman-Style Home Windows

craftsman style home exterior
Edmund Barr

Dormer windows are another popular feature within Craftsman house plans. Extending outward from the roof, these pop-out areas can boost usable living space on the upper level, which is often limited by the low-pitched roof. Many Craftsman-style homes feature a single upstairs dormer with multiple windows encased in thick trim.

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Craftsman House Colors

orange home exterior
Helen Norman

Craftsman-style homes are most often dressed in colors inspired by nature. Shades of brown and green are particularly common Craftsman house colors, but other homes branch out with more vibrant exterior palettes. This two-story home, for example, pairs peachy orange siding with a more traditional dark green metal roof and white trim.

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Craftsman-Style Home Ideas

Home exterior with greenery
Peter Krumhardt

Color-coordinated containers beckon visitors onto the porch of this Arts and Crafts home. Spring-green ceramic spheres match the containers to provide a unifying effect. Pedestal urns positioned by the doorway tie in with the tapered porch columns. The traditional Craftsman front door showcases multi-pane windows and an earthy stain that offers a warm welcome from the street.

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Craftsman Home Details

Home exterior with stone walkway
Kritsada Panichgul

Architectural details and thoughtful garden touches add charm to the exterior of Craftsman-style houses. Decorative window panes give this home visual interest, while a porch railing in matching wood extends the beauty of the home's trim around the porch. Earth-tone paths and containers unify the house and garden by complementing the trim colors.

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Earthy Craftsman Paint Colors

Home Exterior with fence
Jon Jensen

Play up Craftsman style with exterior paint colors that reflect shades seen in fields and forest. Craftsman-style homes look especially sophisticated in earth tones such as browns, grays, coppery reds, tans, and greens. Try mixing and matching these hues across your siding, trim, roof, front door, and porch furniture for an authentic look.

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Arts and Crafts Exterior Details

Natural materials play a key role in the Arts-and-Crafts aesthetic. Wood shingles, stonework, and stucco are often showcased prominently on Craftsman facades. Learn more about the signature exterior details of Craftsman homes in this video.

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Signature Craftsman Columns

craftsman-style home entry with brick, shakes, and pillars
Laura Moss

This small porch shows off the characteristic tapered square columns of Craftsman style. Decorative brackets add interest under the eaves of the roof. Brick along the base of the porch and an overhead lantern add interest to the facade.

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Renovated Craftsman House

house landscaping
Edward Gohlich

Exterior renovations to this Craftsman-style home focused on playing up the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, which favors clean lines and natural materials. A recent remodel of the house preserved its historical flavor. The restored front door features a hand-hewn feel and looks out on a concrete porch, which was given new cut marks to suggest stone-block construction.

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Craftsman Home Makeover

home exterior stone entry
Edmund Barr

Many Craftsman-style homes, such as the one seen here, have stone foundations, porch posts, and conspicuous chimneys. Referencing Arts and Crafts styling, an exterior makeover rebuilt the porch columns and stone bases. Cedar clapboard siding and shingles add appeal.

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Cottage-Inspired Craftsman Details

Window planter
Edmund Barr

Craftsman bungalows can share many of the characteristics of cottage-style homes. Here, colorful flowers in window boxes dress up the exterior of this quaint Craftsman cottage. A renovation of this home also included cedar shingles, copper gutters, and shutters to restore the home to its former Arts and Crafts styling.

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Brick Craftsman House

Front yard stone steps
Jenifer Jordan

When choosing paint colors for your Craftsman-style home, go with colors that make the architecture stand out. This Craftsman house was given a fresh coat of olive paint with white and cranberry trim. The contrasting trim accents the horizontal lines of the traditional bungalow while helping the house stand out from the surrounding greenery.

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Craftsman Bungalow Addition

front yard garden
John Granen

The upper level of this Craftsman home is an addition that blends seamlessly into the original 1911 bungalow design. Exposed rafter tails stick out from under the eaves, adding interest to the roofline and tying the new addition in with the rest of the home. A garden of more than 100 plant species complements the Craftsman-style architecture.

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Craftsman Front Porch

Green shingle home
Edmund Barr

The addition of a long, narrow front porch and a projecting gable emphasize the entry on this Craftsman-style home, giving it a standout appearance from the street. Olive green, cream, and an unexpected purple hue combine to make a charming, one-of-a-kind color palette. The bold scheme looks right at home with the renovated bungalow's front-yard garden and landscaping.

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Craftsman Garage Doors

Home exterior with garage
Kip Dawkins

A well-placed window box or an authentic period porch light can provide a focal point that sets the tone for an entire Craftsman-style exterior. Garage doors can also enhance the classic Craftsman styling of a home, as seen with this charming exterior. Recessed panels in the garage doors mimic those in the front door, calling attention to the home's entry and lending a welcoming overall look.

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Craftsman Exterior Accessories

Peter Krumhardt

Accessories as simple as lighting and hardware can enhance the facade of Craftsman-style homes. Arts and Crafts-style lighting and a pergola over the garage door imbue this home with bungalow character. Look for exterior accents that mimic the style's straight lines and sturdy appearance.

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Craftsman Architecture

Craftsman-Style Home Ideas
Jamie Hadley

This Craftsman bungalow's broad proportions, overhanging eaves, and exposed brackets are typical of Arts and Crafts construction. Roof designs are generally either single- or double-pitched on Craftsman-style homes. It's also common for the roof to stretch past the exterior walls, resulting in deep eaves that offer shade along the side of the house or form a covered front porch.

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Modern Craftsman House

Craftsman-Style Home Ideas
John Granen

This modern Craftsman home doesn't leap into full view all at once. It reveals itself a little more with each step through the courtyard and beyond the metal sculpture in front. The trellis treatment above the entrance offers shade that makes up for the lack of a front porch.

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