Roll out the welcome mat! These quick and colorful do-it-yourself ideas will give your entry the spotlight it deserves.


Bring your front door out from the shadows with a bright color that's easily spotted from the street. A bold burst of aqua will turn heads and issue a warm invitation from the get-go. Not sure which hue is right for you? Check out our favorite front door colors.

Fun Welcome Mat

Plain-Jane welcome mats are so yesterday. Put some extra pep in your step with a pretty design that also gets the job done. Scoop up a new welcome mat on your next outing, or create your own with this easy DIY tutorial.

Coiled Beauties

Master this rope-wrapped flower pot project with just a few simple craft supplies. Wind rope or sisal twine around a terra-cotta or plastic pot, secure with hot glue, then add a pop of color by painting several rows of rope with latex paint.

Color Block That Rocks

Want to rock this season's color trends without tossing out your trusty terra-cotta pots? Give 'em a quick paint makeover with two coats of exterior latex paint, a brush, and painters tape. Save some cash by purchasing sample sizes.

Simple-Stitch Pillow

A plain, purchased pillow is an invitation to put your craft skills to good use. Adorn the blank canvas with a simple, hand-stitched design like these colorful leaf outlines. We used a sunflower leaf to create this pattern, but any leaf will do. Go wild with hosta, maple, or linden as your inspiration.

Furniture Makeover

Ah, the healing power of paint. Whether you were lucky enough to score a gem at that recent flea market outing, or you've simply inherited mom and dad's beloved 90s wicker chair, make the piece your own with a simple spray-paint makeover. Learn how.

No-Sew Burlap Wrap

Lackluster plastic pots have no place on your porch. For a quick and cute style upgrade, cover each pot with one yard of burlap and fold it as if wrapping a gift. Add your own dots with metallic paint and a stencil pouncer. A few dabs of hot glue will hold the burlap in place.

Curb Appeal & Garden Projects

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