Add a splash of bold color to your patio or porch with easy painted planters that can withstand the elements.


Industrial and geometric trends collide in this DIY painted concrete planter. This super easy outdoor project is perfect for beginner crafters looking to make a statement on their patio or in their garden. Concrete is also inexpensive and durable, so these planters will last a long time. Spruce up concrete blocks with a touch of paint and arrange them in a pyramid formation for a stacked look. Check out our instructions below for all you need to know—you'll be shocked at how simple it is!

Color-Block Concrete Planters video still

What You Need

  • Concrete blocks
  • Masking tape
  • Exterior paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Plants

Step 1: Create Your Design

First, figure out what type of geometric design you'd like on your concrete planters. You can use store-bought concrete blocks for this project or learn how to make your own. Play with design ideas, such as stripes, diagonal lines, a checkered pattern, and more. Once you've settled on something you like, tape off the lines with masking tape. Be sure to press down firmly to seal the tape so your lines are smooth and clean.

Step 2: Paint the Blocks

Using exterior paint and a paintbrush, apply a coat of paint to the desired sections of your concrete block. Brush up fully onto the tape to ensure the straightest lines possible. Let dry, and apply a second coat if needed. 

Step 3: Remove Tape

Once the paint is dry, slowly remove the tape from the block's surface. If some paint seeped under the tape, use a fine paintbrush to touch up the line. 

Arrange your planters in a stacked structure. Place various plants in small containers with holes for drainage, then fill each block with a plant or two. Water as needed and enjoy!


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