These Before-and-After Colonial Home Exteriors Boast Stately Style

After photo Stately Colonial Brick Home
Photo: Gordon Beall Photography

Colonial-style homes are known for their historic roots and elegant, symmetrical designs. Typically free of extra ornamental details, the stately facades can often benefit from a little sprucing up. These incredible before-and-after transformations show how new additions and exterior remodels can add even more sophisticated style to grand Colonial homes.

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Colonial Porch Addition

two-story Colonial home front exterior

Though keeping with the streamlined style typical of Colonial homes, this facade lacked dimension and personality. A narrow roof overhang and simple entrance resulted in a missed opportunity for outdoor living. A front porch remodel added architectural detail to create a more inviting exterior space.

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Colonial Porch Addition

two-story front exterior front porch add-on
Peter Walters

Extending the roof overhang outward created a covered porch across the front of the Colonial house. A new portico and round window, both adorned with decorative trim, add charm to the formerly plain-looking facade. A variety of shrubs, potted containers, and hanging baskets enhance the welcoming appearance.

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Colonial Portico Remodel

home exterior vaulted porch entry

Simple and symmetrical, this Colonial home has classic charm. But with only a small portico over the entrance, the front yard was short on outdoor living space. A Colonial exterior makeover helped this home capitalize on its curb appeal potential.

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Colonial Portico Remodel

home front exterior porch entry with landscaping
Beth Singer

The Colonial-style renovation upgraded the plain portico into a spacious covered porch, which allows room for plenty of outdoor furniture. New columns replicate the original style, so the addition looks like it's always been there. Brick steps lined with lush landscaping beckon guests toward the entrance.

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Beautiful Colonial Home Renovation

Before blue Colonial Home with dark blue shutters

This large, boxy Colonial home needed an update to bring it into the 21st century. With its worn blue exterior color, the home faded into the surrounding trees. After a renovation including a portico and porch addition, the facade embraces its traditional roots with newfound style.

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Beautiful Colonial Home Renovation

After photo white Colonial Home with Portico and Porch
Erica George Dines Photography

The previously plain entryway now includes oversize French doors and a striking outdoor pendant light overhead. Cross gables added to the garage and top of the house form a more interesting roofline. A fresh coat of white exterior paint makes the black shutters stand out.

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Dutch Colonial Exterior Makeover

Before photo black and white Dutch Colonial House

This typical split-level home was functional but not fancy. The facade featured no stand-out architectural features, and overgrown shrubbery concealed a portion of the structure. A full exterior remodel gave the home Dutch Colonial style and a big boost of curb appeal.

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Dutch Colonial Exterior Makeover

After photo Dutch Colonial House with curved roof addition
Bob Greenspan

Stone pillars and a curved roof now frame the front door, beckoning visitors. Dormer windows create a perfect balance for the extended upper level above the entryway. Charming window boxes and neat landscaping amplify the Colonial appeal.

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Colonial Home Addition

Before photo black and white Colonial Home

With its spacious front yard, this Colonial home had plenty of outdoor space to work with. Decorative molding over the front door added charming emphasis, but the homeowners wanted a grander entrance. A front porch remodel, plus an addition, boosted usable living space inside and out.

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Colonial Home Addition

After photo Colonial Home with New Front Porch
D. Randolph Foulds

New trim and dormer windows underscore the home's Colonial character. An addition to the right side of the house visually balances the garage. A few splashes of color, supplied by the red front door and potted flowers on the porch, add both personality and appeal.

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Grand Colonial Manor

Before photo Yellow Grand Colonial Manor with green shutters

Though grand in size, this Colonial home sorely needed updating. Faded yellow siding and emerald green shutters exposed the home's age. With untended landscaping, the outdoor spaces were underused and unappealing.

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Grand Colonial Manor

After photo White Grand Colonial Manor
Janet Mesic-Mackie

A courtyard connects old and new in this Colonial home renovation. Running the length of the house, a porch opens to a beautiful view of a formal garden. Bay windows add quaint appeal to the classic Colonial manor's style.

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Stately Colonial Facade

Before photo White Colonial Façade with black shutters

This classic Colonial home needed a few touch-ups to achieve the ultimate curb appeal. Because the front yard is short on space, the homeowners had limited options for expanding outward. In place of a full front porch, a new portico adds emphasis to the front entryway.

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Stately Colonial Facade

After photo beige Colonial Façade white trim and red door
Peter Krumhardt

New landscaping and a fresh green paint color, which contrasts with the richly stained front door, liven up the exterior. Bluestone steps and muntin windows with broad moldings accent the character-rich look. Large support columns give the Colonial-style home a grand appeal.

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Painted Colonial Home

Before photo white Colonial Home

Sometimes the most basic change can be the best refresh. With elegant architecture and an attractive outdoor area already in place, this Colonial-style home didn't need a full-blown renovation. A fresh color palette is all that was needed for an updated Colonial exterior.

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Painted Colonial Home

After photo Peach-Painted Colonial Home
Jeff McNamara Photography

This Colonial exterior makeover resulted in a new peach palette with straw-colored trim. Indigo shutters play up the air of whimsy. The fresh colors give the home a livelier look without a major remodel and help it stand out amid the picturesque greenery.

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Dutch Colonial Home Addition

Before photo black and white Dutch Colonial Home Addition

When updating a Colonial home exterior, maintaining its classic character is essential. This historic Dutch Colonial needed an expansion for more usable living space. The addition carefully replicates the home's existing features for an original look.

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Dutch Colonial Home Addition

After photo Dutch Colonial Home Addition
Gordon Beall Photography

This Colonial exterior makeover demonstrates how to retain the character of your home while adding to the size. Here, the addition is several feet behind the original space, complementing the Colonial appeal while doubling the home's size. Columns accent the covered porch and blend old and new to create a friendly gathering space.

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Colonial-Style Addition

Before photo black and white Colonial Style Addition

For continuity, you can also update the original style of your home to match an addition. Changing siding and windows often does the trick. This simple Colonial exterior started with unadorned windows and a basic symmetrical design.

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Colonial-Style Addition

After photo Colonial Style Addition
Hedrich Blessing Studios

Additions on either side of the initial structure expand living space, but the Colonial's exterior remodel remains cohesive thanks to new architectural details across the facade. The classically styled entry now includes soaring pillars, which match the trim around the front door and the columns supporting the addition on the left. Pediments over the windows and door reinforce the traditional Colonial style.

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Stately Colonial Home

Before photo black and white Stately Colonial Home

Marry the primary structure of your Colonial-style home with the addition by using matching details. This grand exterior already offered plenty of classic charms; the home just needed additional square footage. The expansion borrows elements from the existing brick facade for a cohesive look.

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Stately Colonial Home

After photo Stately Colonial Brick Home
Gordon Beall Photography

This Colonial home addition boasts of the same brick, decorative railings, window muntins, and trim work found on the original home. It provides extra space indoors as well as a larger walkout area on the upper level. Black shutters and crisp white trim stand out attractively against the red brick siding.

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