How to Increase Curb Appeal on a Budget

Update your home with a fresh coat of paint on the door and a few do-it-yourself touches that make your entry feel warm and welcoming.

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    Beautiful Bungalow

    To update the front entry of their 1945 brick bungalow, the homeowners chose simple yet unexpected projects to make their house stand out in their established Midwestern neighborhood. A new full-view storm door allows the freshly painted bright green door to become the focal point of this budget-friendly makeover.

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    Big-Impact House Numbers

    The oversize house numbers stenciled onto the concrete are an easy DIY project: Use a copy machine to enlarge printed numbers to your desired size, then laminate the paper so your stencil holds its shape. Cut the numbers out with a crafts knife; you will use the negative of the numbers as stencils. Measure and line up the stencils, then apply outdoor paint with a foam pouncer. The homeowners combined black and earthy brown paint to achieve a mottled look for the numbers.

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    Living Monogram Wreath

    The homeowners' living monogram "wreath" was made from a plywood back, 2-inch cedar boards, and chicken wire. The form was spray-painted, then filled with sphagnum peat moss and succulents. Hooks on the back make it easy to remove, clean, and add new plants.

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    Let There Be Light

    The homeowners replaced their barely there light fixture with an inexpensive galvanized metal fixture spray-painted the same bright green used on the monogram.

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    Cheerful Mailbox

    A coat of metallic spray paint and a stenciled "Hello" give the mailbox new life and make guests feel welcome.

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    Railing Update

    A contractor designed and installed a custom railing that fits the entry and brings the stairway into compliance with building codes. The steel cable lets the fun color and other improvements show through.

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    Seeing Strips

    To customize an inexpensive sisal doormat, the homeowners applied painter's tape stripes, then sprayed on one color at a time, allowing each coat to dry between applications. They used bronze and green paint left over from other projects, then added pink and burgundy accents to complement their home's rich brick tones.

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