Finding a favorite lamp is hard. So when your lamp's switch wears out, consider replacing just the part instead of the entire fixture. We'll show you how.

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Lamps are useful light sources. They fit in small space, can help set a mood, and rarely break down. But like any appliance, your lamps require a little TLC every once and awhile. If you find that your lamp isn't working properly—specifically if the switch is broken—you will need to replace that part. We'll show you how to replace both a canopy and pull-chain switch.

Know Your Switch Options


There are many different types of lamp switches. And you can replace one type of canopy switch with another—a toggle with a rotary switch, for example. The hole for the switch shank is usually a standard size. A switch that mounts differently, such as a rectangular rocker switch, requires modifying the fixture. Check your fixture—and your local hardware store—for fit.

How to Replace a Canopy Switch


The little switches on a lamp or fixture—called canopy switches—can fail, but they are easy to replace. To replace a canopy switch on a lamp, you may have to remove a metal or cloth cover on the bottom of the lamp base. Unscrew the nut, detach the wires, and replace the switch.

How to Replace a Pull-Chain Switch


A pull-chain switch on a ceiling light or fan mounts in the same way as a lamp switch. To replace one, shut off power to the circuit and remove the fixture's canopy. Unscrew the nut, detach the wires, and replace the switch.


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