DIY Home Electrical Tips & Guides

Electrical wiring for home and residential projects can be quick and easy. Learn how to make electrical repairs with our safety guides, how-to diagrams, and more. Try basic home electrical work or take it to the next level and make your home as efficient as it can be.

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Are 'Phantom Loads' Haunting Your Electricity Bill? Here's How to Identify Them to Save Money
You don't need to call the Ghostbusters to unplug these energy-draining devices. Here are a few easy tips to find out where your unused electricity is going—and how to minimize the cost.
How to Install a Whole House Ventilating Fan
Amp up your indoor air quality with a whole house ventilating fan. They're affordable and easy to install.
How to Install a Receptacle
Chances are you use a power outlet every day, but do you know how to install one? We'll guide you through the five-step process—and trust us, it's much easier than it looks.
How to Ground Electrical Wires 4 Different Ways
Most of your home's receptacles should be grounded. But if they're not, learn how to add this safety feature four different ways.
How to Install Metal Raceways
Lessen how to install a new light and switch with a metal raceway.
How to Install a GFCI
This electrical project is complicated, but you can feel confident with our expert tips.

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan Box
Calm a shaking ceiling fan by replacing it's worn-down box. We'll show you the important steps.
How to Repair Lamp Switches
Finding a favorite lamp is hard. So when your lamp's switch wears out, consider replacing just the part instead of the entire fixture. We'll show you how.
How to Install a Hardwired Smoke Detector

Hardwired detectors take fire safety to a whole new level. Learn how to add this feature to your home in just three steps.