Make your house feel like home with a personalized welcome mat. These easy DIY designs start with simple materials and take on different personalities.


Blades of Grass

Make an unadorned doormat your own with a super simple painted-on design. Tape, paint, and repeat is the name of the game for this whimsical welcome, and it doesn't require any pro skills. Get the how-to here.

Colorful Creation

Repurpose affordable materials and fabric scraps to craft a clever doormat. Medium-density fiberboard cut into strips, painted, and covered with patterned fabric forms this bright, eye-catching welcome mat that is sure to put a pep in your step. Get the how-to here.

Hello, Good-Bye Speech Bubble Mat

Enhance your entrance with a cheeky, one-of-a-kind greeting. To make this friendly creation, you'll need a sisal doormat, poster board, a crafts knife, T pins, and two cans of matte white outdoor spray paint. Draw letters and speech bubbles onto poster board and cut them out using a crafts knife. Arrange the poster board stencils on the doormat so each speech bubble faces the center of the mat, using T pins to secure. Spray-paint and let dry.

Monogram Mat

Mark your territory with an elegant monogram welcome mat. For this design, we printed a letter and two dots onto cardstock, cut them out, and set them on our mat. Coat the mat with a layer of colorful spray paint and let dry.

Starry Surprise

Give your welcome mat a star-spangled splash! Coat a neutral-color welcome mat with bright blue paint, and use a thick white paint marker to create stars and house numbers.


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