Looking for a fast curb appeal fix? Give a cookie-cutter exterior a bold new look by painting your front door. These unexpected shades will add a dose of happy color to any home.

A bold front door color is one of the best ways to add personality to a plain exterior. For an extra curb appeal boost, look beyond classic hues, such as red or gray, for a front door color that's a bit more unexpected. For color that commands attention, try one of these daring shades to make your home stand out from the rest of the block. Although they might not be traditional, they sure are striking. (And since painting your front door is a fairly inexpensive, low-commitment project, you can easily change it up if you decide the hue isn't for you.) These unusual front door colors are outside-the-box, but they totally work.

exterior white home with blue shutters and orange door
Credit: John Bessler Photography

Bright Orange Front Door

A punchy shade of orange is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your front door. A vibrant tangerine color makes a surprising splash on this spacious, white-painted front porch. Light blue shutters and lush boxwood lining the front walkway complement the front door color without competing with it.

Suggested Paint Color: Navel SW 6887, Sherwin-Williams

Blue open door of white house
Credit: Ryann Ford Photography LLC

Electric Blue Front Door

Blue front doors are a popular exterior color choice, but this electric shade kicks the intensity up a notch. The color is simple yet striking, especially when painted on these traditional-style doors. Choose a bright shade of blue without too much gray in it so your front door doesn't fade into the background.

Suggested Paint Color: Pool Party 2059-50, Benjamin Moore

White house green door front porch
Credit: James Nathan Schroder

Kiwi Green Front Door

A green front door can accentuate your front landscaping while drawing contrast with a neutral exterior. To play up the green theme, accessorize your front porch with containers of lush plants, such as the Boston ferns flanking this doorway. Choose pots in analogous colors (which are side-by-side on the color wheel), such as blue or yellow, for a colorful yet cohesive look.

Suggested Paint Color: Gleeful P380-5, Behr

Potting shed blue doorway with boxwood lining path
Credit: Kim Cornelison

Periwinkle Front Door

A blend of baby blue and lavender, periwinkle looks particularly lovely on front doors with decorative details (the shade is shown here on a pretty potting shed). Consider repeating the light purple hue on shutters or trim to strengthen the color scheme. Reinforce the romantic feel with containers overflowing with pink blooms.

Suggested Paint Color: Blue Hyacinth PPG1245-5, PPG

bright yellow door on blue and white house
Credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography LLC

Bright Yellow Front Door

Choose a vibrant shade of yellow for a happy, high-energy front door color. Especially against dark exteriors, the sunny color is highly visible from the street, which draws the eye to make your entry a focal point. Surround a yellow front door with white trim to set it apart from the siding.

window box on front railing with purple front door
Credit: Brie Williams

Purple Front Door

Purple isn't a color you often see on home exteriors, but in small doses, it's undeniably gorgeous. Try a rich purple hue on your front door, then repeat the shade in flower boxes or garden beds to blend it into your color scheme. Choose a glossy finish to add an extra glam touch to your purple front door.

Suggested Paint Color: Just A Fairytale P560-6, Behr

yellow-green front door with large numbered address
Credit: Helen Norman

Chartreuse Front Door

A shade somewhere between neon green and yellow, chartreuse is a dynamic, vibrant color. That makes it an ideal hue for exteriors that could use an extra energy boost. Try this front door color against a traditional brick facade for an unexpected contemporary spin. When paired with other neutral colors like dark navy or white, the color really pops.

Suggested Paint Color: Frolic SW 6703, Sherwin-Williams

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
April 12, 2020
Like a front door with a pop of color. My home was painted 6 months ago. I had the front door painted a bright orange red. I’m happy whenever I look at that door and everyone notices it.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
April 12, 2020
Like a front door with a pop of color. My home was painted 6 months ago. I had the front door painted a bright orange red. I’m happy whenever I look at that door and everyone notices it.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 14, 2018
Regarding the paint color for a red brick ranch....the trick is to take a brick to the paint store and hold it up to the swatches. I found the perfect red to go with my previous red brick house. Now I'm looking for a color for my stone house! Shades of beige, cranberry (Which I hate) and grey. Believe it or not, when I took the sample to the store, the best color was a peachy melon!!!! Not sure I can go that way.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 11, 2018
I really like everything, porch dogs and yellow door of the modern! I especially like the side screen door trim matches! I could live there, if, they left the dogs! When living in CT. I had a Pumpkin Orange door!raf
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 10, 2018
I like best burgundy
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 10, 2018
Your examples are seldom helpful because you show them on un-typical houses. How about showing how some of these fancy fix-its would improve a boring, normal ranch house (without the $10,000 worth of landscaping and costly windows and doors hiding its bones).
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 10, 2018
I loved these doors and their color, shows us a way to think outside the box, thank you.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 10, 2018
Most of them don't work at all...sorry.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
April 22, 2018
on the right house, yes!