14 Fresh, Traditional Front Doors Ideas for Every Style


The front door is the first thing visitors see when they happen upon a house -- shouldn't it give guests a good idea as to the style and sensibilities of what's inside? The following front doors hint at elegant, traditional interiors, all ready to greet guests with a hearty hello.

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A Side of Green

front door

An unexpected slice of avocado green pops up on this paneled front door. Because it's just a shade or two lighter than the nearby shrubbery, and the rest of the house is classic black and white, it catches the eye with whimsy and a wink.

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Neutral Zone

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A medley of neutrals in a melange of textures -- ivory-painted brick, gray-tan shutters, and golden-brown flagstone -- are easy hues to live with (without being boring). A deep-brown door commands attention and gently guides visitors from the street to the front stoop.

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Special Surroundings


This wooden wonder demands a second look because of its frame of stately surrounding trim, muntined windows, and columns standing guard. Low brick walls embrace the front stoop, their reddish hue mirroring that of the door, to tie the whole scheme together.

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Dark and Handsome

home exterior

Bold strokes of black give weighty consideration to this second-story door. Framed by white columns, sidelights, and sandy-color limestone, the black door manages to both recede and stand out.

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Let There Be Light

Front Doors for Tool

Divided-light windows -- so named because the wooden grids, called muntins, divide the glass panes -- are a hallmark of traditional architecture, so they feel right at home on this classic house. Even the double front door features the same divided lights, as does the fanlight above, for a cohesive and classic appearance.

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teal door

Nothing against conventional neutrals, but isn't buttery gold a gorgeous coordinating color? Coating the fence, window trim, and sidelights, this warm hue tones down the formality of a brick colonial. Adding to the playful style is a glossy paint in the darkest green and a cheery golden wreath on the front door.

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Baby Blues

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Robin's-egg blue might be an unexpected hue for a front door, but notice how utterly charming it is! Combined with whimsical corkscrew topiaries, it implies that the folks who live in the house with the blue door don't take themselves too seriously. The surrounding sidelights, columns, and crowning pediment -- all traditional architectural elements -- ensure that the house fits in with its neighbors.

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Ready for Red


Red is a perennial favorite for front doors, and for good reason! The color is invigorating. It draws your attention, and it provides a pleasing contrast to any nearby greenery. The right shade, coupled with off-white trim and accents, can also harmonize with a red brick exterior, as we see here.

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Big Statement


To maintain visual balance, a large home requires a larger-than-average door, and this one complies. About 50 percent wider than a standard front door -- and further bulked up by sidelights and a semicircle-shape window -- this elegant entrance suits the sprawling Colonial-style house.

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A Stand-Out

exterior door

Classic colonial-style casing, columns, a peaked pediment, and stately potted shrubs beef up what would otherwise be a flat, lifeless facade. A navy door, while appropriately dark and refined to coordinate with the black lanterns and mailbox, wears a hint of hue for a bit of age-appropriate flair. And note the pretty but practical flash of copper over the pediment.

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Lovely Louvers

Covered Entrance

Louvered panels on both the front door and window shutters unite this facade in elegance, while a coat of garden-green paint on all players adds a kick of contrast to the red brick. To give the door a more commanding presence, it gets its own glorious crown: a decorative semicircle window above.

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Quiet and Classy


This recessed entry is protected from the elements and lightly blanketed in shadow. White paint brightens the alcove and sidelights, and windows welcome as much sunshine as can sneak in. Gray paint on both the bench and the door ensures that these charming elements stand out without screaming for attention.

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An American Classic

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An all-American arrangement of red, white, and blue enliven this home. Because the red elements -- the brick walkway and cherry-wood door -- are toned down and tempered, the scheme comes across as timeless rather than garish or gimmicky.

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Traditional Charm


Diamond-shaped muntins -- the wooden pieces that divide the windows surrounding this door -- and brassy accents give an otherwise ho-hum front door a whole new perspective. Gracious plantings near the front door bring color to the elegant brick facade.

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