7 Stylish and Inviting Ideas for Decorating Your Front Entrance

Greet guests with front door decoration that showcases your home's style and creates an inviting feel.

As it's one of the first things visitors see when approaching your house, your front entrance is the best chance to give your home a pleasant first impression. More than a simple entry point, your front door offers a preview of what guests will find when they step inside. It should reflect the overall style of your home and set the mood. Depending on how your vision, the result can be grand and impressive, warmly casual, or somewhere between. Use our ideas for inspiration on how to achieve the feeling you want to convey.

Bright colors, seating, outdoor lighting, and more, can help set an inviting tone for your entry. A few simple additions can boost your home's curb appeal, while conveying a friendly welcome. Use these front door styling tips so guests feel at home before they even cross the threshold.

front of house with entryway
Ed Gohlich

1. Showcase stylish house numbers.

House numbers can be a fun way to add a playful punch of style to your entry. Try adding larger numbers (Etsy is a great source) beside the door or on the porch. For a more traditional look, consider spelling out your house number on an overhang or porch column.

Front porch with plants, black door
Robert Brinson

2. Shop your own home for front door decor.

Before you run out to your local garden center for front door decor, search your own home. You may already have everything you need to style your door. If you have a covered entryway, for example, consider using baskets as planters, repurposing a small stool as a plant stand, or hanging some paper lanterns.

country house teal blue front door window archway
Norman Pogson/Alamy

3. Dress up your front door.

When you're styling your entry, don't forget about the door itself. Experiment with a fun paint color, or add a little bling with a stylish door knocker. If you have a plain, flat front door, consider adding some design details from a DIY decor supplier like O'verlays.

porch of white brick house with lighting
Edmund Barr

4. Create a cozy seating area.

For a warm, inviting entrance, add a place to sit and read or chat with neighbors. Try a bench with pillows, or, if you have room, a traditional front porch swing. If not, opt for a couple of colorful garden stools.

white house with yellow door
Robert Brinson

5. Brighten your entry with lighting.

Outdoor lighting can instantly update the look of your front door. Upgrading to larger sconces, or an overhead pendant, is a quick way to make a welcoming statement. Consider motion-activated lighting that automatically switches on when visitors approach.

red brick modern front doorway with wood door and stone patio
Greg Scheidemann

6. Add a doormat.

Give guests a spot to wipe their feet before entering your home. Choose a doormat with a pretty pattern or a cheeky saying. You can also easily update a plain mat with spray paint to create a unique design.

white house with stately black door
Werner Straube

7. Swap out front door hardware.

Update the look of your door with new hardware. Knobs, levers, and handle sets can help reinforce your home's traditional look or add modern flair. Choose a finish that coordinates with your door's color and complements other exterior features, like lighting and house numbers.

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