Red Front Door Colors That Will Up Your Home's Curb Appeal

From energetic fire-engine red to soothing muted coral, red is a popular color for front doors. Here's how to find the best hue for your home.

Crimson, salmon, burgundy, scarlet, ruby: With its hundreds of shades and hues, red is a color full of drama. It can offer playful energy or traditional elegance, draw a striking contrast, or complement your existing color scheme. Regardless of the shade, red is a widely popular choice that can make an otherwise bland exterior pop. This quick and easy update can add a big boost of curb appeal to your home. If you've decided to refresh your home's facade, picking a shade that works with your exterior is the next step. Follow these tips to choose the right red for your front door.

gray house overhanging front porch with red door
Robert Brinson

Understand the Different Shades of Red

In general, different shades of the color red are made by adjusting the amounts of white and black, as well as by varying the intensities of bases. For example, a deep, rich burgundy has much more black in it than a soft pastel shade of red. On the home above, a muted shade of red incorporates more white for a soft salmon appearance that complements crisp the white trim and architectural details.

Suggested Paint Color: 100 Mph P170-7, Behr

victorian-style home exterior with neutral paint and bright red door
John Bessler

Whatever your home's architectural style, red can serve to complement that design and establish a mood that's apparent from the street. A deep, rich, red creates soothing and solid feelings. On the other hand, a brighter, more electric hue will convey much more energy and excitement. Decide on what you want your exterior to say, and select a red paint that provokes that feeling in you.

Suggested Paint Color: Stop SW 6869, Sherwin-Williams

Match Your Red Door with Your Home's Color and Style

A red front door can serve as a complement or a contrast with the rest of your home's exterior, as well as provide an accent to its particular style. For example, a dark-colored siding or brick on the exterior might need the pop of a brighter red. A lighter shade of siding might benefit from a darker hue of red. Both choices will help draw attention to the door and offer an attractive contrast.

black painted house with red door
Seth Smoot

Suggested Paint Color: Red 2000-10, Benjamin Moore

Your home's style can provide guidelines for the best shades of red for your front door. A traditionally styled door might call for a more classic hue. A cottage or contemporary styled home might offer more design and color flexibility, with options like a quirky candy-apple red or a sophisticated ruby shade. However, design rules can always be broken, so you should choose a color you love.

front red doors jade decor white house
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If you have a few samples of red that you're trying to choose from, test them out. Paint swatches a few inches apart, as well as close to the surrounding door frame, then step back to see how they look. Make sure to view them from various angles and distances, including from the driveway and the street. When it comes to sheens, high-gloss red paint adds elegance and complements a traditional home, but also shows the most blemishes. Semi-gloss paint will give you a red door you love, while hiding imperfections.

Suggested Paint Color: Red Gumball PPG1187-7, PPG

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