How to Choose Front Door Colors for Brick Houses of Every Shade

Enhance the beauty of your brick facade with these no-fail shades.

A brick home exterior creates curb appeal that's rich with character and texture, and the right front door color will instantly play up its appeal. A bright, unexpected shade on the door can help modernize a historic brick Colonial, while a more traditional hue, such as red or navy blue, can lend enduring charm to a new build. Whether your home's brick is red, orange, gray, or white-washed, these easy tips can help guide you toward the perfect color combination for your exterior. Follow these simple steps for choosing a front door color that brings out the beauty in your brick house.

pale blue front doors of white colonial exterior with stone pathway
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5 No-Fail Tips for Choosing Front Door Colors for Brick Houses

With so many colors to choose from, deciding on a single shade for your front door can be intimidating. Follow these simple steps for choosing the perfect color.

1. Stick to Livable Neutrals

While paint color selection is always an opportunity for creative expression, it's often best to stick to a livable neutral palette that will stand the test of time. Versatile neutral hues, such as gray, brown, or taupe, pair nicely with brick tones and might also make your home easier to sell if you choose to move down the road. These colors don't fight with the brick's innate appeal and often accentuate its beauty rather than detracting from it.

white painted brick exterior with black front door and shutters
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2. Utilize Tones From Nature

If you'd like to incorporate color, select rich tones from nature, such as deep earthy greens, blues, and dark browns. A black front door in a high-gloss exterior finish is also a solid choice. Ensure notable contrast exists between the brick, trim, and the front door color to make it pop.

painted brick exterior of midcentury-modern home with wood front doors
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3. Match Front Door Colors with a Professional

If you're still stuck on choosing a color, remember: Because brick is a natural material, variations in color frequently exist. To match your front door to the brick, have a paint professional help you select a speck of cream or a darker brown spot within your brick sample to use as the trim shade or front door paint color. Be sure to test color matches before painting.

4. Explore Front Door Colors on Foot

If you're stuck on a front door color for your brick house, take a walk! Explore your neighborhood on foot to take in other homes' curb appeal and take note of what colors other brick exteriors in your area have used. Do certain combinations stand out to you? What contrasts are pleasing to the eye? In addition to offering inspiration, this strategy can help ensure a positive result by keeping your neighborhood consistent and maintaining your collective home values.

pale gray home exterior with black shutters and wood front door
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5. Test Front Door Colors

It's essential to test colors in person before making a final selection. Every brick material is different, and choosing a paint color from a photo or computer screen alone can result in an expensive mistake. If you decide to paint the trim as well, test samples on both sides of your home and observe it in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Remember that natural sunlight changes the appearance of color depending on the weather and the time of day.

red brick modern front doorway with wood door and stone patio
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Best Front Door Colors for Different Shades of Brick

Although many feature shades of red, brick homes come in a variety of colors. Browse our favorite options for gray, brown, orange, and white-washed brick.

Front Door Colors for Red Brick

Although this traditional material goes well with nearly everything, the best front door paint colors for red brick houses are often dark, contrasting hues. Hunter greens, gunmetal grays, blues, or hybrid colors that are a mix of one or two rich colors are especially stunning paired with classic white or cream trim. Other winning door colors for red brick houses include warm taupes, chocolate browns, or even a pop of something surprising like a deep burgundy red.

Suggested Paint Color: Secluded Woods S420-7, Behr

red brick colonial with black shutters and white pillars and front door
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Front Door Colors for Orange Brick

Selecting a pleasing color palette for homes with orange brick can be tricky, but warm white trim and a light sage or blue-green choice make for a calming entrance with character. If you want a reliable option, a tonal combination of white trim with a slightly off-white door always works well.

Suggested Paint Color: High Reflective White SW757, Sherwin-Williams

painted light gray brick façade with white pillars and black front door
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Front Door Colors for Gray Brick

If your brick home is painted gray, white trim and a navy or black front door make an attractive neutral entryway. But if you're feeling bold, a confident candy apple red or vibrant turquoise can energize your gray brick facade in an instant.

Suggested Paint Color: Space Black 2119-10, Benjamin Moore

painted taupe brick craftsman-style home exterior with concrete path and landscaping
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Front Door Colors for Earth-Tone Brick

For homes with cream or earth-tone brick, shades of brown are a safe bet. Try a paint color a few levels lighter than your brick for a bit of contrast. Natural wood tones also go well with this material, so consider refinishing your wood door in a dark chestnut or mahogany stain. Light blue or mint green paint is an option for those looking to achieve a country French-inspired aesthetic, while charcoal gray pairs well with cool-leaning earth tones.

Suggested Stain Color: Chestnut Exterior Wood Stain, Behr

butter-yellow brick façade with black shutters and front door
Helen Norman

Front Door Colors for Historic Brick Homes

If you own a historic home, many popular paint brands offer historical collections with style and age guidelines to help make your front door color decision easier. Depending on the age of your home, you might also need to consult your local Historic Preservation Commission for approval before you make a final choice. Classic red, black, or hunter-green doors typically make handsome combinations with historic brick homes. Consider a high-gloss lacquer exterior paint to help bring your front door to life.

Suggested Paint Color: Black Evergreen 5009-1, Valspar

painted white brick exterior with ornate trim and turquoise front door
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Front Door Colors for White Brick

White-washed brick facades have a multitude of attractive front door options. Muted blue-greens and warm grays create a subtle, soothing color scheme when paired with white brick. For an energizing entryway, consider a brighter color that adds a touch of personality, such as sunny yellow, light blue, turquoise, or a cheery coral.

Suggested Paint Color: Surfin' SW9048, Sherwin-Williams

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