Storybook Romantic Front Doors

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Sweetly beautiful and influenced by a range of styles -- Tudor revival, Victorian, gingerbread, even formal -- storybook romantic front doors have whimsy and charm.

Material Magic

With a storybook entrance, there's less of a reason to neatly match materials and details. Here, the curved door head provides the organizing element for the front entrance. That bend repeats in the massive door framing, made up of interlocking pieces of stone that offer presence and a welcoming color contrast.

Fun Frolic

Most entrances are placed in an expected place -- inset in a wall, at a corner. Storybook homes may have entrances that are whimsical and eccentric in location. Such is the case with this ivy-covered home: Its front door is placed at an angle and located under a turret. The cottage garden, with its lush blooms and vigorous growth, also reinforces the storybook feel.

Door Discovery

In many instances, a storybook front door feels like an afterthought. The decision should be intentional, borne by the impulse to have the door feel as though it's always been a part of the whimsical detailing. Here, a flowering vine nearly covers up the wood door. Extra-long hinges, four mini panes of glass, and a curved door top also help to reinforce the storybook entrance.

Vivid Victorian

There's a certain aspect to Victorian homes that calls to mind storybook-like design. It comes from the oftentimes unexpected color combination as well as the very fine details that are unique to the period. Here, the front door works together with the second floor porch to create a storybook entrance with presence and power. The bright color accents the door as does the brass detailing, including the toe kick plate.

A Secret Door

Tucked away, this storybook front door best demonstrates how to create a sense of adventure and discovery. A rich blue accents the curved door head, an often-seen element in whimsical home architecture. Details, including an extra-long hinge, mail slot, and miniature window, supply the final flourish.

From Bottom to Top

In some homes, a front door may include surrounding details that combine to create an entrance with impact. This storybook-influenced home does exactly that: A cut-out in the entrance’s porch covering mimics the curve in the window above, which in turn draws the eye upward to the contrasting brick insets above the second-floor window. Peek-a-boo windows also flank the front door, letting light into the entrance while adding visual variety to the facade.

Aged and Graceful

In many homes, the front door placement can do much to reinforce the overall design aesthetic. Here, the old-world feel of the materials -- stone plus single shutters over the windows -- gets a boost with the tucked-away spot for the front door. An extra beam overhead gives the entrance a centuries-old feel, and the dark color draws attention to the walkway.

Proper Proportions

Recessed deep under an extended roofline, this storybook door makes effective use of color as a way to draw attention to both its placement and detailing. The plump columns match the fairly squat massing of the home, while the curve on the portico offers visual movement.

Well-Done Details

Storybook front doors often make use of details in unexpected ways, drawing the eye to romantic elements. That’s the case with this front door: Fairly straightforward in its placement, it nonetheless packs a design punch. For starters, it’s recessed under not just one but three staggered arches. The matching sconces also have their own insets, while the richly stained wood sets off the intersecting mullions of the door.

Fixed in Frame

Equal parts English Tudor and storybook style, this home makes good use of both color and detail to draw attention to its front entrance. Sparing use of wood in the shutters makes the material a natural choice for the door, while a heavy, dark outline on both the door frame and windows draws attention to the entrance.

Elegant Arch

Elements that may not necessarily go together can be one of the hallmarks of a storybook front door. Here, aged elements -- rounded stone pieces and a weathered, much-loved door -- combine for a pretty entryway into this brick home.

Stylish Mix

When various shapes and sizes are melded together in a traditional home, the result can be a storybook-like aesthetic. This Victorian blends elements of them both, particularly in the details of the front door. Exposed roof rafters as well as gable and paint accents draw attention to the entrance. Multiple panes and wood panels also provide a welcome opportunity to combine the color scheme in unexpected ways.

Storybook in Moderation

Although many storybook entrances are exuberantly detailed and colored, some may be more stripped down but no less playful. Here, a curved portico breaks up the otherwise geometric expanse of brick; it's a detail repeated in the transom window overhead.

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