11 Colorful Front Door Ideas That Will Seriously Up Your Curb Appeal

Few things are more welcoming than a beautiful, colorful front door. Use these tips to choose a bright hue to match your house and your personality.

While some exterior updates can be time-consuming and expensive, switching up your front door color is a simple, high-impact project. So why not have some fun with it? Traditional shades, such as white, gray, or navy blue, can be beautiful on an exterior, but a vibrant, colorful front door makes your entry even more eye-catching. Bright front door colors (including yellow, lime green, coral, and turquoise) add a pop of personality to make your home's exterior stand out from the rest of the block. Try one of these vivid shades on your front door to instantly amp up curb appeal.

Teal Front Door

wood front porch turquoise door
Anthony Masterson Photography

With wood siding, trim, and flooring, this home's all-neutral exterior demanded some contrasting color. A bright shade of teal on the front door stands out against the rich wood tones and beckons visitors inside. Containers with bright pink blooms flank the entrance for an extra dose of color.

Suggested Paint Color: Teal Tone 663, Benjamin Moore

Coral Entrance

modern home exterior with gray color scheme
Kim Cornelison Photography Inc.

A happy hit of color draws the eye and makes the front door a focal point on this asymmetrical exterior. The energetic coral hue is repeated on the patio furniture to keep the look cohesive. White trim emphasizes the door and windows to lighten up dark gray siding.

Suggested Paint Color: Coral Reef SW 6606, Sherwin-Williams

Primary Colors Exterior

blue and yellow home exterior
Laura Moss

Using the rules of the color wheel is a simple way to select a bright front door color. A monochromatic color scheme features tone-on-tone combinations, a contrasting color scheme creates an adventurous palette of hues evenly spaced on the wheel, and complementary colors (those directly across from each other) bring energy and a pleasing aesthetic to your home's exterior. Here, a yellow-orange door and trim pair with bright blue siding for a bold facade.

Suggested Paint Color: Honey Glaze 3003-2A, Valspar

Neon Green Front Door

Green painted door with arch window
John Bessler Photography

When making a color statement, few hues top neon, especially this electric green. An unexpectedly colorful front door on this brownstone energizes and accents the otherwise traditional door design and hardware. If you'd like to use a similar color scheme on your home, test out a few paint swatches next to the exterior color to make sure you like the combination. To blend the color into your existing scheme, consider pulling the color onto nearby trim (here, it's done over the half-circle window and on the door jamb).

Suggested Paint Color: Limelight 2025-40, Benjamin Moore

Eye-Catching Blue

white house with royal blue door
Eric Roth

A simple, primarily monochromatic color scheme often serves a home's exterior best, particularly with solid, straightforward house styles like this one. One way to add a punch of visual interest is with a door in an unexpected shade. This blue, which leans more electric than navy, energizes the exterior without being distracting.

Suggested Paint Color: Cobalt Stone PPG1241-7, PPG

Cheery Yellow Entry

Modern style exterior with yellow door
Laurie Black

Contemporary homes are often distinguished by their lack of extra details or ornamental colors, which generally amounts to a clean, minimalist facade. But a well-placed pop of color can accent those pared-down aesthetic choices. Here, a striking yellow door offers warmth to the cool metal overhang and gray-leaning whitewashed wood siding.

Suggested Paint Color: English Daisy P290-6, Behr

Colorful Front Door Accents

orange chair on porch with blue doors
Richard Leo Johnson for Atlantic Archives Inc

Doors are often focal points on their own, even if they don't have a distinctive color. If you'd rather not conceal intricately carved or detailed wood doors (often found in traditional or historical homes), paint accents instead. Here, tall door shutters add color to spotlight the home's entry. Remember to coordinate the color scheme of the door, house, and accents (combining robin's-egg blue, orange, and white, for example) as a total package.

Suggested Paint Color: Island Orange 2010-2, Valspar

Bright Red Entrance

gray house with bright red door
Brie Williams

Traditional-style homes often necessitate color schemes that are more conventional yet still interesting. In those cases, a lively and colorful front door allows homeowners to add a distinctive visual touch and boost way-finding. On this home, a vibrant red door sets off the understated combination of white trim and grays on the siding and roof. The front door color is cleverly picked up in a pillow accent on the chair and enhanced with the strategic placement of containers nearby.

Suggested Paint Color: Ruby Red 2001-10, Benjamin Moore

Lime Front Door

white exterior with green door
Brie Williams

This charming entryway setup demonstrates the importance of choosing a color that meshes well with other materials and accents at a front door. The warmly stained wood decking and bench temper the cool-leaning light green. Metal containers, which are complementary but not too matchy-matchy, offer a style-forward way to display plants. At the same time, the watering can (in a shade of yellow) provides a bit of whimsy.

Suggested Paint Color: Lime Splash PPG1217-5, PPG

Turquoise Colorful Front Door

Covered porch to blue door
Jay Wilde

Neutral shades are a great selection for a home's overall color because they play well with multi-colored landscaping and various home styles. But a neutral front door on a neutral home can quickly get lost. So here, the homeowners accented their front door, adorned with various geometric reliefs, with a brilliant hue of turquoise that adds energy to the otherwise innocuous color scheme.

Suggested Paint Color: Rushing Stream P480-4, Behr

High-Energy Electric Green

brick front steps with key lime door
Brie Williams

Following the rule of threes is a no-fail way to add color to your front door. Generally, most home exteriors mix three hues: a dominant and two subordinates, one of which tends to have a more significant role in the color scheme. Here, a neutral combo (warm taupe siding and white for trim) gets a boost thanks to this green door. To give the color more presence and pop, the inner doors behind the exterior doors were also painted the same shade.

Suggested Paint Color: Center Stage SW 6920, Sherwin-Williams

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