Blue Front Doors

blue front door
Whether aqua, navy, cerulean, or azure, true-blue doors always charm the eye and enhance a home's curb appeal.

Avant-Garde Combo

Lilac shutters and an aqua door? Surprisingly these two hues make congenial partners because they are offshoots of purple and blue, which are neighbors on the color wheel. They pair especially well on this home because the lilac has dusty gray undertones while the aqua has a higher color value, which means it emits more light.

Refined Character

Match your door's color to your home's architectural style and/or your design preferences. Deep navy blue creates a formal feel suited to historic and traditional homes. Dazzling turquoise and baby blue doors emit free-spirited, unconventional vibes.

Find the Best Color for Your Door

Surprising Welcome

Substantial white casing highlights a turquoise door that makes a splash thanks to its complementary color partners. When choosing a blue hue for your front door, consider the color of walkways and exterior siding (here, it's brick red and rusty tan). Select a shade found on the opposite side of the color wheel to fashion noteworthy contrast.

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Boost Appeal

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Picture Perfect

Blue-hue doors make a fine first impression, but replacing an ordinary door with a distinctively detailed version will double your entry's impact. Though solid in nature, this door delights thanks to its delft-blue color and board-and-batten details.

Minding Undertones

Since roof shingles enhance a home's appearance and coordinate with a home's siding color, they offer a good place to find color inspiration for your front door. This blue-gray door, which is a main player in this abode's cohesive outlook, carries the color of the roof shingles closer to eye level.

Regional Connection

Framed by roof-supporting columns, this front door demanded notice. The homeowners referenced their coastal locale by painting the door a deep-sea blue that pops against the home's siding and trim. Vividly glazed containers and blue-toned pavers carry the door's hue further into the landscape.

Storybook Finish

Tucked into a sidewall, the front door was barely noticeable until the homeowners painted it a brilliant aqua. The seaworthy hue furthers the home's beach-cottage rhythms and provides a breezy counterpoint to the stucco siding and stone-clad setting.

Twist on Traditional

Smoky teal tones--contemporary takes on navy blue--are good choices when you want to make a fashion-forward statement that whispers instead of shouts. This paneled front door, which steps off the lighter blue-gray siding, also connects to the greens in the surrounding landscape. 

Whimsy Marks the Spot

Though a fanciful monogram and knocker make a statement on this plank door, it's the door's bright hue that draws people down the garden path. Green-glazed posts and shutters in a complementary hue amplify the door's importance and visibility.

Captivating Contours

Doors fade from view when set back on a facade or shaded by a porch roof. Use a high-energy, high-contrast paint color, like the aquamarine pictured here, to carry your front door into the limelight.

Period-Perfect Palette

Federalist architectural styles, born in our country's Colonial times, call for understated color choices. Though different in hue, this blue front door and black shutters play together nicely because they bear the same visual weight. Their variation in hues is perceived without disrupting the home's peaceable personality.

Natural Partners

Reflecting the color of the heavens above, a happy-hue door brings smiles aplenty. The sky blue door, the aqua accents on the porch, and the crisp white trim combine to give the brown-shingled cottage a cheerful lift.

Out of the Shade

This vivid blue door calls out an enthusiastic greeting that lures arriving guests up the entry path. Though set back and shaded by the porch roof, the aqua hue brings the door forward to brighten the porch's shadows and allows it to be seen and appreciated by passersby.

Simple & Stunning

Painting the front door and the shutters robin's egg blue makes a monochromatic exterior read as fabulous. This one-blue treatment is especially effective on straight-lined structures with little architectural embellishment.

Turquoise Touches

Cool-looking doors command thoughtful consideration when it comes to color. High-gloss turquoise paint sets this door shimmering and creates a finish that strikingly shifts along with the light. Turquoise repeats as a house-number plaque and bench pillows to further liven up the neutral exterior.

Color Coordinated

Displaying a single color in different ways in varying tones creates pleasingly pulled together spaces. Cobalt blue paint turns this front door into a focal point, while periwinkle chairs, bluish flagstones, and worn and shiny blue flowerpots provide finishing touches that result in a captivatingly well-rounded composition.

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