5 Fantastic Before-And-After Front Door Makeovers

If you've been neglecting your front door, fear not! These impressive before-and-after front door makeovers prove how easy it can be to create a front door that makes a strong first impression.

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    Before: Classic in Crimson

    Red front doors may be classic, but Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs found it difficult to match the primary color to her outdoor decor. She also found it challenging to create a bright and inviting entrance because her front porch was completely shaded from the sun -- and the dark crimson color didn't help.

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    After: Let the Sunshine In

    Jo-Anna created her own sunshine by painting the front door a cheerful shade of yellow, a natural complement to her decorative shade-loving plants. She then prettied up the porch floor and stairs with a couple coats of dark brown paint, allowing the light-colored door to pop even more. A woven doormat with aqua-and-green accents completed the porch's sunny new look.

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    Foolproof Front Door Colors

    Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect front door color with these easy-to-please, exterior-flattering hues.

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    Before: A Bank-Owned Bore

    When Alex of AVE Styles moved into her ranch, the exterior was midcentury -- but there was nothing modern about it. The home, previously owned by the bank, featured an uninviting security gate and an interior door posing as a front door. Even the pale-green-and-red-brick color palette was cringeworthy, according to Alex.

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    After: A Modern Masterpiece

    After painting the entire exterior a sophisticated gray, Alex added a pop of color with a yellow DIY front door. Rather than purchasing an expensive door, she used a kit to install door lites to a new solid wood door, giving the ranch midcentury appeal while allowing natural light to fill foyer. Along with the square glass inserts, sleek metal hardware added to the door's modern vibe.

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    Before: Assessing the Damage

    Kate and Adam of The "Florkins" had been planning to give their first home a facelift since they moved in over a year ago. Kate knew she wanted a bold blue front door, but before they could paint, the couple needed to repair the rust damage and holes that were revealed after removing the brass kick plate on their door.

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    After: Hello, Handsome

    After fixing the damage, Kate painted the patched-up door a bright navy blue and replaced the old brass hardware with a set in bronze finish. She and Adam decided to keep the original door knocker because it had character but spray-painted it to match the new metallic hardware. The cherry on top was a decal next to the door handle to welcome visitors with a friendly hello.

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    Before: A Ho-Hum Entrance

    Kim of Tidbits and Twine was looking for a way to make the standard-issue front door of her tract home stand out from the rest of her neighbors' entryways. Besides its 12-panel design, the door lacked any decorative details -- nothing about her front door reflected Kim's taste or personality.

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    After: Three Steps to a Stylish Door

    To differentiate her door the others on her street, Kim first painted it black, a dramatic yet neutral choice. She originally planned to hang a door knocker in oil-rubbed bronze to match the hardware, but she fell in love with a vintage brass lion-head door knocker on Etsy. Her house number, a gold decal, tied together the different metal accents on her door.

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    Before: Builder-Grade Blah

    As Jill of Baby Rabies learned firsthand, even the coolest handmade yarn wreath can't transform a boring front door into a statement-making entry. In builder-grade white, the door virtually disappeared into the concrete walkway, and the kick plate and door frame had both seen better days. Throw in some hardware that clashed with the door's brass bottom, and you had a recipe for blah.

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    After: Contemporary and Cool

    Jill took her front door in the opposite direction, choosing dramatic black over drab white. Rather than repair the holes caused by the brass kick plate, she simply replaced it with a modern metallic version that matched the updated hardware. Jill also swapped her handmade wreath for a contemporary powder-coated one, using a magnetic wreath holder to secure it to her metal door. 

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