Your front door can make a big impact on the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Here's some insight into how to choose the best colors for front doors.

By Kelly Roberson
Updated October 20, 2017

Think about your favorite front doors. Perhaps a sunny yellow one at a friend's house makes you feel especially welcome at a cottage-style home. Or, that bright red front door on a neighbor's house lends trend-forward detail to an updated ranch. Whatever the case, a well-chosen front door color makes an immediate impact, complementing a home's style and improving curb appeal. If it's time for you to take a second look at the shade of your entrance, then read on for help selecting the best colors for front doors.


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Understand a Few Color Basics

Color isn't as simple as picking a favorite shade or a lighter hue: There's logic and a bit of science to color selection. But if the selection confuses you, a good place to start when choosing the best color for your front door is the color wheel.

A color wheel is a great way for you to easily mix various colors that happen to go together on their own. General color schemes based on the color wheel include monochromatic (several shades of a single color); analogous (colors found side by side on the color wheel); contrast (three colors spaced evenly apart on the color wheel); and complementary (two hues opposite each other on the color wheel).

Pay Attention to Your Home's Style and Personality

Although there are certain "rules" when it comes to mixing and matching colors, there are also cues that come from your home's style and its colors. For example, a pastel hue might look out of place with the ornamentation on an English Tudor style house. Depending on its paint palette, a glossy black front door might not work when paired with a centuries-old Victorian home, while a Mediterranean-influenced design might feel perfectly in tune with a bright turquoise-color door.

All of this is to say: Your home is also a good guide for what works and what doesn't when it comes to choosing front door colors. Take into account the materials, colors inherent in those materials, style, and surrounding landscape, among other factors.

Use Your Front Door for Impact

Finally, when choosing the best colors for front doors, remember that your front door can be a tool that you can use to your advantage. Visitors use it for wayfinding. The color can help accent tones in the exterior or provide the finishing flourish to a design palette. The impact might be subtle or it might be more direct; it might also be formal or playful.

Color can also generate emotion. A brighter hue can offer energy to the front door, while a more subdued one plays up a traditional feel. A darker hue is more somber, a lighter one tends to be playful.

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